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I believe in the everyday, ordinary, heart-skipping, comfy-cozy, "can't wait to see you old and grey" kind of love.
& I believe in capturing that love between you. Exactly how you are. In this moment in life. Engaged. Married. New baby on the way. Whatever!  
So if you're on the hunt for a new friend who can also document your life, then you've come to the right place! 
I can't wait to meet you. 

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Hi, I'm MEP!

fine wedding photography in BALTIMORE, MD 

Meghan Elizabeth Photography

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I'm an old soul with an excitment for life, adventure & travel. 
I have an incurable case of wanderlust. Yet I crave my warm cozy bed cuddled with the hubby & our two fur babies. 
I'm a terrible singer and an even worse dancer...but that doesn't stop me. I'm attached to my phone but secretly love when it dies. I love food. Which is why my trip through Italy was documented with images of every meal I ate! 
I'm an overuser of smiley faces, the word "love" and exclamation points. 
I love surprises...sometime ask me about how the hubby proposed to me, it was a real shocker! 
But that's what I asked for. 
& I truly believe that I have the best job in the world! 

I'm a Maryland girl, living in the city, who dreams of someday calling s'mores, bonfires and country roads home.
As long as there's a Target close by! 

MEET Meghan

Q: How did you get your start in photography? 

I'm not quite sure where or when the love began. In high school I just knew that I wanted to take a class in it, so my sophomore year I took my very first film photography class. In December 2011, I graduated from Salisbury University with a degree with communication and a minor in art with a concentration on photography. For the first time in 8 years, I was walking away from photography. I got a job working for the school system in Special Education. In the midst of working this very intense - emotionally & physically - job, my heart began to yearn for something else. I was missing something but I couldn't put my finger on it. Until, a coworker asked me to take a few pictures of her kiddos for a christmas card. I walked away from that shoot knowing exactly what I was missing! 
But, what would this look like!? There's no way I could make a life out of this passion. Or was there? So in 2013, I started Meghan Elizabeth Photography. It was never a dream as a child to be a professional photographer. But here I am, owning my own photography business. I can't imagine doing anything else! It's wonderful how God's plan happens without you realizing it. 

Q: What Inspires You? 

Real genuine authentic emotion. The moments that aren't scripted. Nothing posed or created. I love the "Wow, You're gorgeous!" look during the first look. I melt during the daddy daughter dance & laugh with you during the speeches. I rapidly shoot when he whispers in your ear that secret inside joke that buckles you over in laughter & during that soft, sweet intimate moment when you realize today is the start of forever. I live to capture the moments that speak to your heart. I aspire to stop time and remind you of moments you've forgotten. 
I am inspired by your stories. 

Q: Why photography? 

The short answer? It wasn't something I choose. It was something chosen for me. I was given a heart and passion for this - for capturing your moments and sharing them with you. For connecting with people and loving on them. 
I’m still not sure if there is a bigger plan for me with this business, bigger than reaching people where they are. Bigger than making time stand still for generations. Bigger than being there and playing a small role in my clients lives. Bigger than sharing the world through my eyes and bigger than just quietly and kindly sharing Jesus with the world through actions. I have no idea. But what I do know is that I will continue to fight for whatever the mission God has for me. I will continue to grow in it, foster it and build it as long as He sees fit.

my favorite things

Building. Developing. Documenting! 
When we're friends, I can capture the true you. The ones who belly laugh for the camera instead of grinning & bearing it. 

We're all about relationships around here! 

what makes us different

This isn't just a business to me. These aren't just pictures. These are your memories. Your story. Moments that will be passed down for generations to tell your story. These are heirlooms. & I take that very seriously! 

I know these are more than just pictures to you! 

what makes us different

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Wedding collections begin at $3500
Portrait collections begin at $350

But let's be real, your big question is how much? I get it!! So let me fill you in! 

If you're still reading this, you might be my kind of people...

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All Wedding Packages Include:
-Complimentary Engagement Shoot
-8 hours of coverage
-Two Photographers
-The Edited Digital Images
-Print Release Rights to the Images
-Private Online Gallery for Downloading images 

All Portrait Collections Include: 
-1 hour of coverage
-The Edited Digital Images
-Print Release Rights to the Images
-Private Online Gallery for downloading Images

I’ve been nervous to write this post. I know no matter what I say it will not do this truly talented and AMAZING woman justice. She was more than “just a photographer” to me. More like a genuine partner through the process. Every step of the way Meghan was a guiding hand. Answered my million and one questions. Some I probably had already asked. Actively listened to what I wanted, made recommendations, suggested things I missed, and so much more. With Meghan I was able to set aside my control freak tendencies to the point that one the wedding day people asked where we were on the schedule and without hesitation I replied “I don’t know I’m on Meghan’s time.” And I meant it. I could truly trust her without second thought. As if her dedication is nothing short of miraculous, have you seen her photos?! I had glanced through other weddings (before my glorious day/pics) and it literally brought tears to my eyes. She has this fascinating way of capturing moments you never would’ve imagined possible. Cherished moments you already forgotten. Or didn’t even know the moment existed and you look back and can instantly recap/feel what was going through your mind.  I can’t wait for our next shoot.

"I could trust her without second thought"

Stacey & Rob

kind words

When I got engaged over two years ago I knew the photographer was without a doubt the most important "vendor" of our day. I spent weeks looking at Meghan's photos after discovering her work on Facebook and told my (then) fiance that she HAD to be our wedding photographer no matter what it took. I emailed her a few weeks later and from our first conversation I knew I made the right decision. Meghan is one of the most kindhearted people I have ever met. I immediately felt like I could share any of my concerns about the wedding with her and always gave me the best advice even if it wasn't related to photography! Everything about the way she operates her business is "to the point" and I find that very refreshing. Her website is user friendly, we always knew when our payments were due and could easily access our contract whenever we wanted. We had to reschedule our engagement photos due to inclement weather and she always worked around our schedules. I cannot say enough nice things about her! I got married on September 8, 2017 and I am still receiving messages about how GORGEOUS our photos turned out! If you are going back and forth between photographers just stop now. Save your research for other vendors needed for your day and book Meghan immediately she WILL. NOT. disappoint. 

"From our first conversation I knew I made the right decision." 

Travia & Shelby

kind words

When my now-husband and I were first choosing a wedding photographer, we found ourselves debating between Meghan and a slightly larger company. We are so, so happy we went with Meghan. Not only is she an amazingly talented photographer, but we also came to feel like she was a friend. We had our engagement session at a winery last fall. This was the first time my husband and I had had pictures taken together, so we were feeling a bit shy in front of the camera. Meghan convinced us that we didn’t look as awkward as we felt, and the resulting photos were gorgeous—plus she got them to us in less than half of her estimated turnaround time. On the wedding day itself, she was patient, fun, full of energy and direction—despite the fact that her and Christine had to drive roughly 2 hours each way to make it to our venue. We had multiple sneak peeks from the wedding within a day or two. She also had a full blog post of pictures up only two weeks or so after the day of, along with a gallery of pictures she had edited so far to tide us over. If you’re considering hiring Meghan, do it—you won’t regret it! We can’t recommend her enough.

"She was patient, fun, full of energy and direction" 

Kara & Matt

kind words


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