What is required to book my Session?  

Is my retainer refundable? 

HoW are the Photos DELIVERED?

Do we have permission to print and share the images? 

A signed contract and $200 will be needed to hold your date and time. The $200 balance is due at the portrait session. 

The retainer is not refundable. But a session may be rescheduled without loosing your money or requiring additional funds. 

Through an online downloadable private gallery – this way you don’t have to wait for the mail to arrive to get your images. They arrive with a quick click of the send button & allow you to share your images with as many family and friends as possible. 

Yes, of course! That’s included in your packaged pricing. You are welcome and encouraged to share any and all images on social media (a tag is appreciated but not required). You are welcome to print the images through any company of your choosing or you can print professionally through the link I send you. If you choose to print yourself, let me know and I can point you to some good quality print labs – please don’t print through any one-hour printing locations.

How many images should I expect? 

what is your photographic style?

Are albums or prints included in the pricing? 

What are you backup plans should something happen and you can’t make our session? 

Typically a portrait session delivers about 75-150 images. Factors that increase or decrease these numbers are the amount of breakdowns you’d like and outfit changes.  

I’m a Lifestyle Photographer. Which means that I focus on candid moments but capture moments or situations once they have been stylized or given some direction. For example, while photographing your portraits, I will find a scene – a really great looking wall and ask the two of you to stand in front of it with your arms wrapped around eachother and then instruct you to just “have a moment”. How you interpret “have a moment” allows me to capture you as you are in real life. Some of you may hug, some may kiss, some may whisper a funny joke into the other’s ear.  

No. They are not. The $400 covers the time to photograph & edit your portraits. It also includes the files for your personal use. 

In the unfortunate and rare event of an emergency that would keep me from being able to shoot your portraits, we would discuss rescheduling the session and find the earliest time to make up the session. 

What kind of equipment do you use? 

I’m a Nikon girl! I have an entire blog post with all of my gear, you can check that out here! 

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do you shoot in raw format? 

Absolutely! Any and every professional photographer should be. While my goal is to always get the image correct in camera, by shooting in RAW, this allows me the opportunity to make better adjustments to those files so that I can provide you with the absolute best quality image possible. It also allows you the option to print much larger files for canvases and large prints to display in your home! 

How do you avoid losing my images? 

How long do I have to wait for my images? 

Will you help us select a location for our portraits? 

Loosing your images is one of my worst fears, so I take every measure to avoid this. 
 Step 1: While shooting your wedding, my camera is set up to simultaneously record the same image onto two separate memory cards. This way if one card fails, it’s backed up on another card. 
 Step 2: When I arrive home, I immediately download all the cards onto two separate external hard drives. 
 Step 3: Once the images are uploaded, the hard drives back up to an online backup service so that if something happens to the drives – I can download all the files from a remote server where they have been saved.

I will post at least one sneak peek from your session within 24 hours and you can expect to have your photos within 30 days.  However, contract allows up to 8 weeks to for you to receive your files by.

I’m very happy to help you in selecting a location(s) for your photos. I encourage you to think of a place that has meaning to you (a spot you frequent, an activity you enjoy doing together, etc.) if that doesn’t help, then I have a list of locations we can go off of. Check out this blog post 
for a list of ideas to get us started. And of course we can always come up with a new idea! 

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