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Photography has always been something I’ve loved from afar. It wasn’t until I took a photography class in high school that anyone told me I had an eye for it. Several assignments and lots of saving later, I am finally behind the lens doing something I love.

A little bit more about me:

1. Family is the most important thing to me. Without them I have nothing. My brother is one of my best friends, and my niece and nephew just happen to be the coolest kids to hang out with!

2. I am currently finishing my degree in Elementary Education, its been a long long road but, totally worth it!

3. I am a country girl at heart! Born and raised on a poultry farm in Southern Delaware. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else!

4. I am a Pinterest and crafting junkie! I have more pins that I could count. It’s a very odd week for me if I don’t whip something up just for fun!

5. I LOVE anything pink or that glitters! You can never have too many rhinestones or sparkles.

6. To match my glitter obsession, I LOVE Disney!

7. I don’t sit still well at all! Even when doing homework or editing I am constantly moving around!

8. I listen to all types of music, and need to have it playing constantly. Rock? Country? Oldies? I’ll jam out to it all 🙂

9. I love trying new things. I may be super hesitant at first, but I secretly love the thrill and challenge.

10. I have my own photography business back at home; Nickel Photography. Not only am I lucky enough to have a hobby I am passionate about, but I am even more blessed to have the chance to work with my best friend on this endeavor!


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