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I'm so excited you've found yourself to my little corner of the world. I believe in real honest photographer education that isn't going to waste your time. I hope you're ready to dig in and grow your business and photography skills! 

I started this business in 2013 on accident honestly. I was working full time in the school system and honestly was pretty miserable. I had always had a love for photography, minored in it in college even. So when a co-worker asked me to take some photos of her kids for her Christmas card, I said yes. 

I walked away from that session full of life and passion. I knew immediately what I had been missing for sometime. It wasn't until some of her friends saw the images and asked I could take some of them too. 

Here I am 8 years later, I've been a full-time wedding and portrait photographer since 2017 and am now the sole income provider for my family while my husband goes back to school to get his masters. 

I've learned A LOT over these past 8 years. Alot through trial and error and a lot of practice. I'm so ready to share it all with you to help you succeed in whatever your vision for your life is and getting your business to fit in it. 

I'm meghan


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Let's meet online and discuss everything and anything you want to chat about to help you dig deeper into your business dreams, plans and ways to grow. Each session is up to 3 hours but you're welcome to book multiple dates. 



$200 per hour

We'll meet in person for this hands-on teaching time together. We'll spend two to three hours working on your business and digging into your questions just like we would for the zoom call option. Once we've finished chatting business, we'll spend sometime grabbing some brand new headshots and then finish up with a portrait session. You pick the portrait session theme (engagement, newborn, family or senior). I'll plan the session out then we'll shoot it together. Talking posing, lighting, settings, and client experience along the way. 

half-day & in-person


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