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Wedding and Portrait Albums For Sale!

I’ve finally found an album company that I love and so now I’m offering albums! Redtree Albums provide a high quality album for prices that are affordable for you, my wonderful clients. If you’re interested in purchasing one for your portrait session, let me know. If you’re interested in purchasing one for your wedding, you have two […]

April 29, 2017

Advice, Business, Portraits, Weddings

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Every Single Question You Need to Ask Your Photographer…Answered!

BRIDES like most wedding blogs out there have published a list of “important questions” to ask your wedding photographer before you book them. You can see their article here. It’s a very common article out there, I’m sure theKnot has one as well. I saw this article and thought how perfect, I can answer all […]

March 10, 2017

Business, Weddings

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5 Phone Apps I wouldn’t be able to run my business without!

I hate to say it, but my addicted to my phone! The first step is admitting it right… Since I basically live on my phone, naturally that means that I use it for business as much as for personal use. Of course I use it to call and text clients or answer emails & check […]

March 7, 2017


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What’s In My Camera Bag?

I started my photography journey when I was sophomore in high school and it quickly became a passion. A passion my family saw in me and wanted to encourage and support. My mom walked into a Ritz Camera in 2007 armed with no photography knowledge and money gifted from a bunch of members of my […]

February 19, 2017


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Maryland Photo Locations

Probably the most common question and most common struggle when booking your photo session is, “Where do we go?” Of course I have a few favorite spots but I’m always in for finding and trying new locations and getting creative with some spots. However, to make things a bit easier, I’ve complied a list of […]

February 13, 2017

Advice, Business

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