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This year I celebrated five years of business! I decided that I couldn’t just let that anniversary pass by, that I needed to celebrate in some way. So for a week, I gave away some goodies – a Dunkin gift card, some cookies & brownies from WinniE’s Bakery and Once Upon A Crumb, credit to […]

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Sam works in admin for a plumbing company. Shawn owns a general contracting company. One of Sam’s assigned tasks was to finalize invoices, which involved calling Shawn. After every phone call, she would tell her coworkers, how cute this Shawn guy sounded. Finally one day, they decided to do some good ol’ Facebook stalking. Turns […]

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I first met Emily and Rob at Alysia & Costin’s Wedding, she was one of Alysia’s bridesmaids. Flash forward a few years and Emily reaches out to me. She knew the ring was coming soon and knew I had to be her wedding photographer so knowing what she wanted, she was starting to get ahead […]

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As I stood down at the waterfront walk at the Concord Point Lighthouse waiting for Darlene and Ben to arrive, I soaked it all in. I’ve been down there before and thought it was pretty but for some reason, I saw it differently. It was probably the light. The way that golden sun lay on […]

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If Michael’s being honest about their first meeting at the network event, he doesn’t remember Julie. But when Julie sent him a message on a dating app a year later, things were different. This time she stood out. This time they went on a date and as they say, the rest is history. Now they’re […]