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I believe in the everyday, ordinary, heart-skipping, comfy-cozy, "can't wait to see you old and grey" kind of love.
& I believe in capturing that love between you. Exactly how you are. In this moment in life. Engaged. Married. New baby on the way. Whatever!  
So if you're on the hunt for a new friend who can also document your life, then you've come to the right place! 
I can't wait to meet you. 

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Welcome TO The 

I often get asked if I have any ideas or suggestions for groomsman gifts. Apparently, groomsmen are a little bit more difficult to buy for than bridesmaids. There’s always the questions of something that’s affordable, manly, and useful. No one wants to give a gift that the recipient won’t use and of course, groomsman gifts are […]


WinniE’s Bakery is not only a company based on scrumptious desserts but a company based and built by a woman of humble kindness whose goal in life is to provide as much light to the dark areas as possible. As her friend, she’s a professional providing that light! So when she found an opportunity to […]

Small Business Features

I give you the third and final part of the WinniE’s meets Michele’s Granola. Honestly, it’s my absolute favorite part as well! From the Roasted Cherry Coconut ice cream with Michele’s Chocolate Cherry Granola, our little model Emi (Elise’s niece) and the sprinkling granola action shot. These are my favorites! This vegan ice cream is […]

Small Business Features

A few weeks ago I shared part one of this three-part collaboration shoot between WinniE’s Bakery and Michele’s Granola. Today, I give you part two! A Berry, Banana, Bee Pollen Acai Bowl. It was my first Acai bowl and I could’ve eaten this entire bowl. I think the next time I have a few minutes I’m […]

Small Business Features

Normally when I’ve shot for WinniE’s Bakery, it was just that. Shooting the goodies that Elise of WinniE’s Bakery has dreamed up and then baked up. The next three features of WinniE’s Bakery looks a little bit different. Instead of only working with WinniE’s Bakery, the next three features feature a partnership between WinniE’s and […]

Small Business Features

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