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Behind The Scenes 2017 | Maryland Wedding Photographer


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A wedding day is always a blast! It’s busy, there’s about 100 different moving parts, there’s running around, there’s quick thinking on your feet, rearranging of the schedule, putting out fires so the bride doesn’t know and can just relax. It’s crazy and it is so wonderful! I love every single minute of the go-go-go, unfortunately we don’t always look the most gorgeous doing it, but I promise we are having a ton of fun through it. I was going through this years images and found some really great shots from behind the scenes and thought I would share them. My girls are going to just LOVE these!!

Speaking of my girls, I can’t love on them enough! They are my team – I couldn’t do this business without them and I’m so glad you are all just as welcoming of them as you are of me on your wedding day. You care for them just as you care for me and I couldn’t thank you wonderful couples enough for that. These girls are incredible. They’re talented. They’re a ton of fun to spend 8 plus hours with. And I am so blessed to call them friends in addition to colleagues.

Well without further ado…let’s get this awkward hilariousness started! I like to call this first batch, Well that’s just awkward. I make the most ridiculous faces. All. The. Time. What is up with me…

Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017Behind The Scenes 2017 Fortunately there aren’t too many of those so now that we got that over with…this next series is best known as Photographer Yoga! Shooting the details at the beginning of the day requires the most yoga-esque poses. Lots of standing on objects (window ledges, step stools, beds, tippy toes), tons of squats aka crouching & it’s also full of a lot of pretty details of course!

Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 At some point during the day, we try to remind ourselves to take a selfie to post to instagram stories! Most of the time we completely forget…but they’re always fun when we get something!

You might not recognize the face in the middle quite yet. That’s Sam! She just joined the team for two weddings this year and I am ecstatic that she will be officially joining the team for next year. She reached out to me earlier this year asking if she could shadow and I invited her to Alex & Tessa’s wedding and this girl instantly clicked & fit in perfectly. Now I can’t give her up!! So get ready to see her face more!

Hopefully you recognize the other two gorgeous faces, if not I’ll reintroduce you. Christine is the other blonde in the picture of the three of us. Christine has been with MEP as a second shooter for about 4 years now. She’s also MEP’s graphic designer under her own company, Silver Orchard Creative. She’s amazing & I couldn’t run this business without her! Ps. If you need wedding invitations, she designs custom invitations and signage.
Behind The Scenes 2017 This other pretty lady on the far left, is Megan! She’s been with me for about 3 years now and I have adored her from the jump! She rocks it when she’s second shooting for me and of course also when she’s shooting for her own photography business.

Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 I thought I’d throw in these other fun (yet random from a wedding day )shots from this year 😀 The Baltimore Bride Aisle Style from March with my mom as my assistant!

Behind The Scenes 2017 And these fun shots from our freezing cold sunrise shoot of Christine & Ryan! Hopefully you saw those images, if not see them here.

Behind The Scenes 2017 During the ceremony the goal is to be as much of a fly on the wall as possible while also getting the shot! It’s a difficult task sometimes I’ll be honest. Finding that perfect spot, kneeling for periods of time, trying to hide in a bush or honestly quietly and quickly walking up and down the aisle…but we get it done!!

Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017Remember, when you need us…we’ll be there to help! To fluff the dress (I’m surprised I don’t have more dress fluffing shots!), to fix that collar, and teach you how the cut the cake. Whatever you need, we are here!!

Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 The most captured shots…are the ones that really are just advertisements for Hold Fast Money Makers – the leather straps that I’m wearing in every single one of these images!

Behind The Scenes 2017 Ok, so you can’t totally see the straps here…but they’re on, promise haha.

Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Look at Christine getting all creative with her behind the scenes shots! 😀

Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Now for the ones the girls are just going to kill me for posting, but they’re just too good not too!! All the lighting test shots. Sometimes (especially before the reception starts) I need to test the lighting, the flash settings – make sure it all works and looks good before an important moment happens. To do it in the best way I need a person in the shot to test how it hits the body – so the girls get to step in!

Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Chris & Sam had fun with this sparkler exit test…

Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 & then Lauren(a guest at the wedding) jumped in the test shots!!

Behind The Scenes 2017 This lady is Angel! She’s assisted me on one of my weddings this year but I’ve worked with her multiple times while I’ve been second shooting for Ann. Angel is Ann’s assistant while I second shoot. I love this girl!! She’s awesome!

Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Oh and this is Ian! He’s a videographer and he’s incredible at what he does! If you’re looking for a videographer you need to contact him asap.

Behind The Scenes 2017 This year I had a fair number of weddings that had guests and couples who are friends of mine! So of course pictures had to be taken!!

Below we have Wes & Charlie – friends from high school! & then of course, Travia! She booked me, she and I became friends. Then turns out Megan & Travia were best friends from elementary age. Small world!!

Behind The Scenes 2017 I went to high school with Jon (he was a year or two ahead of me) but we didn’t really know each other until he and Shannon booked me for their wedding last year! Then they gave my name to Will & Emily for their wedding this year. So the 5 of us had to get a picture, I definitely consider these four very dear friends now!

Behind The Scenes 2017 Will was my best friend in college! Like inseparable, attached at the hip best friend. Were still very close but of course life has taken over and so we’re detached from the hip, now just attached through text haha.

Behind The Scenes 2017 Stacey, Rob & I are friends from college as well – I actually know them because of Will. Well these two had quite the SU crew at their wedding so we grabbed a picture of everyone together!!

Behind The Scenes 2017 Casey and I were best friends in high school! So at her wedding it was a MUST that we got a picture together!!

Behind The Scenes 2017 I couldn’t finish this post without sharing some of these classics from second shooting with Ann!

She got this shot of me during one of her weddings – see it here on her blog & here on mine.
Behind The Scenes 2017 She was a really really big fan of this little guy…but I mean who wouldn’t be. He was the cutest!!

Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Selfie from the last wedding of the year with these ladies!

Behind The Scenes 2017 Oh and ps! No matter the wedding, if you have a Photo Booth, we will all get in it!!

Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017

2017 was an incredible year! Full of so much love, laughter and happily ever afters! I am so blessed by all of you amazing clients! Thank you for bringing us along for your weddings!! Here’s to all the fun for 2018!





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