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If you saw my Instagram post from this morning, you noticed that I was pretty excited about it being the last day of camp. Well my excitement carries some more weight to it. Four years ago I was working in the school system, I had graduated from Salisbury University less than a year earlier. I […]

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The hubby and I were discussing our vacation plans for the summer. We dreamed of something tropical, nope too expensive. We then began to dream of a trip to England, yeah way way too expensive. Well Iceland, a lot of people have been traveling there and everyone keeps commenting on how affordable it is, we […]

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You saw Klive’s first birthday portraits yesterday and so now it only makes sense that I share this perfect First Birthday Fiesta with you all! Brenda and Kyle did an amazing job decorating and cooking for Klive’s Fiesta. The menu featured soft tacos with shredded pork (slow cooked for 24 hrs – Kyle rocks at […]

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Well I know a little partial and definitely biased. However, you all have to agree, I have the cutest nephew and God Son! The big bright blue eyes. That Canadian Tuxedo. That laugh and smile. Those four little teeth poking out. Every last bit of him melts my heart! This little man is growing like […]

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Bahamas Honeymoon Idea – Private Sailing Charter¬†in the Abaco Islands Exactly two years ago today, Nick & I were boarding planes and traveling to our honeymoon! So what better way to celebrate the year anniversary of our honeymoon, than to dream of going back to The Bahamas with this Bahamas honeymoon idea! It’s a different, […]