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I believe in the everyday, ordinary, heart-skipping, comfy-cozy, "can't wait to see you old and grey" kind of love.
& I believe in capturing that love between you. Exactly how you are. In this moment in life. Engaged. Married. New baby on the way. Whatever!  
So if you're on the hunt for a new friend who can also document your life, then you've come to the right place! 
I can't wait to meet you. 

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Welcome TO The 

Well I know a little partial and definitely biased. However, you all have to agree, I have the cutest nephew and God Son! The big bright blue eyes. That Canadian Tuxedo. That laugh and smile. Those four little teeth poking out. Every last bit of him melts my heart! This little man is growing like […]


Bahamas Honeymoon Idea – Private Sailing CharterĀ in the Abaco Islands Exactly two years ago today, Nick & I were boarding planes and traveling to our honeymoon! So what better way to celebrate the year anniversary of our honeymoon, than to dream of going back to The Bahamas with this Bahamas honeymoon idea! It’s a different, […]


At the beginning of the year, I posted on a local photographer Facebook group asking for second shooters for the dates that Christine wasn’t able to make. Of course I got a whole slew of responses on the post but then I got an individual Facebook message from this awesome girl here! She was in […]


I may not be related by blood to these three, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less family. At Thanksgiving, we headed out onto the property and took some updated pictures of the three of them. Enjoy a part of my sweet family & the cutest little nephew ever!!! <3


We made the decision to not have cable TV, we save so much money! So instead we have Netflix, Hulu & HBO Now. But because we don’t have cable, we can’t take advantage of ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas. But honestly, after seeing the schedule I wasn’t all that impressed. That however, doesn’t change the […]


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