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Jackson Michael, my sweet boy. These last 365 days have been the most challenging 365 days of my life. They have been the most exhausting and sometimes the most lonely days of my life. This last year has been the hardest physically, mentally, and emotionally. I have never felt physical pain like I have – […]

Jackson's 1st Birthday

Aug 3, 2020

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On August 2nd,2019 , we walked into our midwive’s office fully expecting a routine 40 week check up. But secretly hoping it would end with them telling me I was in labor (even though I had absolutely no sign of labor) and sending me over to the hospital. They had us scheduled for a growth […]

Aug 2, 2020

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This year is flying by. I can’t believe we’re less than two weeks away from his first birthday. He’s definitely no longer a baby and is far more of a toddler. He’s walking all over the place, still slightly unstable and so as a result his poor head is taking a bit of a beating. […]

Jackson's Eleventh Month Portraits

Jul 22, 2020

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Yesterday, I finally got around to sharing his nine month photos. So today, I’m finally getting around to sharing Jackson’s ten month portraits. Being almost three months behind, it’s crazy how hard it is to look back and remember what ten months looked like and what milestones he hit. So I went to instagram for […]

Jackson's Ten Month Portraits

Jul 21, 2020

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So…we’re exactly two weeks to Jack’s first birthday. *insert mama tears* and yes, I am FINALLY editing and blogging Jackson’s Nine Month Portraits. Priorities right. But I promised myself I would get these edited and blogged before his birthday and so I am fulfilling that promise! And because I’m late…I’m digging back into instagram for […]

Jul 20, 2020





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