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Howard County Conservancy Wedding | Laura & Todd


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Laura & Todd’s Howard County Conservancy Wedding was the perfect reflection of this very sweet couple! They wrote their own vows and they are another way this wedding was tailored made for them. So I will leave the rest of this blog post up to Todd and the way he captured his love with Laura.

“Laura, I don’t know if you realize how little time we’d spent together before the subject of marriage came up, and began working itself into our daily conversation. It’s hard to remember a time with you when you didn’t begin statements with phrases like ‘if I were to marry you…’ I’m pretty sure it took about two months. We got pretty comfortable with the idea REAL quick. So comfortable that as time went on, I guess we sort of forgot about it and took for granted that one day it would just eventually happen. I remember writing out a rough draft of our wedding guests when I still lived in Baltimore, over six years ago. I’ve mulled over songs for our wedding reception playlist since about that time as well. It makes sense how quickly we become comfortable with the topic of marriage because we just as quickly became comfortable with each other.
You have all-too-often recounted our first meeting at the Stansbery’s video game night how I was flipping out over how my childhood Atari games still worked. From that first impression onward. I’ve always been an unfiltered version of myself around you and somehow that never managed to scare you off.
Rather you have reinforced who I am and encouraged me to grow. You encourage my hobbies, you get excited in the rare instance that I plan something with my friends. You have seen me at some of my lowest points and stuck around to support me through them. As the most excellent partier Wayne Campbell philosophized, ‘If you blow chunks and she comes back, she’s yours. If you spew and she bolts, it was never meant to be.’ Well I’ve spewed. I’ve spewed and spewed, but you still stuck around. I wonder if I’m the one getting the sweeter end of the deal today.
In you I’ve found a level of like-minded companionship I could never expect. You have broadened my horizon to the world of the performing arts and wineries and do-it-yourself creativity. You have shown genuine interest in my own obscure interests that I don’t bother mentioning to most people. You caught the popsicle at the Eels concert at the 9:30 club. You hang up my Flying Spaghetti Monster each year during the holidays.
You are the sweetest, gentlest, most caring girl in the world. I don’t know how I lucked into a relationship with you. I am giddy, right now, to know that you and I will be spending the rest of our lives with each other. I’m giddy to know that you’d spend your life with me. That is exceedingly generous. And I’m going to spend every subsequent day of my life trying to repay that favor. And so if anything I’m saying right now can be considered vows, this is them:
When you take things too seriously, I will attempt to persuade you to relax. When life overwhelms you, I will step in to relieve you of your burdens. When you hate a job, I will tell you the job doesn’t deserve you. When you become Mope, I will put on a song to dance her away. Whenever life’s Derechos drop trees in our path home, I’ll be the one to get out of the car and clear them out of the way.
We can only guess where life will take us, but I know I want to get there with you.
PS: You Rock My World!”

Venue | Howard County Conservancy
Catering | Tablefield Catering
Cake | T&C Bakery
DJ & Officiant | Patrick Storck
Groom’s Suit | Bridal Boutique
Wedding Dress | David’s Bridal
Ceremony Cellist | Gordon Withers
Invitation Suite | Shutterfly

howard-county-conservancy-wedding-portraits_2353howard-county-conservancy-wedding-portraits_2354howard-county-conservancy-wedding-portraits_2355howard-county-conservancy-wedding-portraits_2356Oh how I love first looks…and not just the first look for a couple but that father daughter first look <3


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