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What are 3 Questions to ask your Baker? WinniE’s Bakery answers that question below!

Let’s Welcome, Elise, owner and head baker of WinniE’s Bakery. She’s incredible to work with and a very sweet friend – but even more importantly an awesome baker! She will make sure to go above and beyond to make your wedding day perfection! I asked her to stop by and answer the question ” What 3 Questions to ask your Baker?” Planning a wedding is such a difficult task, so having the advice from vendors all over the spectrum of what’s important to know and having them educate us on working with other in their field of work is awesome! So without further ado – I give you Elise…

Hello readers of Meghan Elizabeth Photography. My name is Elise Smith and I am the owner and head baker of WinniE’s Bakery. I have had the pleasure of working with Meghan on several occasions, each time a wonderful and engaging experience. A few years ago I met Meghan at the wedding of my brother and sister-in-law, since then we have become good friends and have worked together on multiple projects. But, enough about that lovely girl, here’s a little about me and my bakery.
3 Questions to ask your Baker
Funny thing, my name is clearly not Winnie, but I loved someone by that name. My maternal grandmother’s name was Winifred, aka Winnie. She was a phenomenal women and she taught me almost everything I know about baking. One of my earliest memories is me sitting on her lap rolling out cookie dough. She taught me everything from how to make a perfectly velvety caramel, to the smoothest buttercream and edible floral infusion. She would always say to…

“Put your heart into what you bake, so that way you share little of yourself and little love with whomever eats your baked goods.”

Needless to say, that is ingrained in my spirit and how I approach my baking. Every time I have the opportunity to provide my baked goods is another moment to practice what she taught me. I have a affinity for baking wedding cakes. To celebrate two people in love, who have committed themselves to one another, shared over food and to top it off with cake seems only right. That being said, here are 3 important questions to consider when looking to hire a baker for your wedding.

3 Questions to ask your Baker

1. What is the theme or “feel” of the event?
This question is important for the couple to pose, because you want to have a wedding cake designer who is able to take every bit inspiration and information you have to offer and bring it together. The culmination should be beautiful, authentic and a delicious representation of your commitment to one another. And, with any luck, you will look back on the cake fondly for the rest of your lives.
2. What tips or recommendations can you offer to get the most “bang for your buck” and what aspects have the most effect on cost?
-It’s important for couples to have a clear understanding of the catering or food agreement at their venue. When using an outside vendor, some venues charge per slice/plate. So, in the interest of cutting cost it may be savvy for the client to have “handhelds”, such cupcakes or a dessert bar.
-Pricing is contingent upon a number of factors. It is important to distinguish what aspects have the most affect on pricing, to achieve the clients desired outcome. For example, if the couple were to select our Lemon Lavender cake with Honey Mascarpone buttercream, that would cost more than if they were to select our Vanilla cake of the same size. The Lemon Lavender cake with Honey Mascarpone buttercream is an artisan flavor, which intern requires more expansive ingredients. Also, the quantity needed to sufficiently accommodate the occasion, incorporating fruit or floral elements, edible and inedible appliqué, intricate design detailing (in our case: buttercream manipulation) all can affect the cost.
3. What is the payment arrangement?
Most bakeries require a deposit and final payment schedule. The deposit is usually do at the halfway point and the final payment is done one month before the event. For example, if your wedding is in June 2016 and you have had your tasting and signed a contract in December 2015, then your deposit would be due late February-early March of 2016. And, final payment would be in May 2016. Establishing dates of payment is vital to ensuring the services of the vendor are covered, thus eliminating the stress that can arise (for both the couple and the vendor) and reinforcing a sense of organization, preparedness and calm.
3 Questions to ask your Baker

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