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7 Reasons You Should Go For That Boudoir Shoot

I work the best of the best in the makeup industry, we work together on a regular basis with weddings, styled shoots and more importantly something we both love and feel very strongly about – empowering woman. Helping women to see the beauty in themselves and rock that inner goddess. One of the ways we’ve decided to do this is by offering Boudoir shoots. She wrote this incredible blog about the…

7 Reasons You Should Go For That Boudoir Shoot

…and so I’m here sharing that with you!

So if you’re on the ledge about going through with booking a shoot, we highly recommend you do it! And if you need 7 reasons to help you make the decision, let Meaghan do her magic and encourage you to do so!

Oh and don’t forget to check out Meaghan and book her for EVERYTHING you need makeup services for! Seriously, I can’t rave about this girl enough!! Check her out here.

So without further ado…I’ll hand the blog over to Meaghan…

One of my partners in crime in the wedding biz, Meghan Elizabeth Photography and I have had such amazing experiences with boudoir shoots and I though I should share with you why they are great, and why YOU SHOULD DO ONE!FullSizeRender

1) The glam squad. Yes, my favorite part of course. I will bring out that inner Victoria’s Secret model buried deep in your soul and make you glow with sexiness and confidence. The look is likely not something you will do for your date night or a night out with your girlfriends or your wedding day. It’s special. It’s sexy. It’s you.

2) Celebrate your body.
Have you been eating spinach and doing box jumps for months? Show it off!! Celebrate your accomplishments. Savor the feeling of knowing that this is a gift to you. You’re healthy, you’re hot and you need to show it. I know, I hear you. You’re not where you want to be weight wise. I HEAR YOU SISTER!!! I’m on that journey myself. Women of all sizes rock these shoots. They discover things about their bodies they never know they loved. Our  boudoir shoots are an uplifting experience. We are here to encourage you, inspire you, and ensure you that you are at your best. You are beautiful. You are sexy. No. Matter. What. Size.

3) Celebrate being single.
No one ever said you need to do one of these for someone else! Newly single? Lamenting over the loss? Feeling alone? Empower yourself. Pull out your little black  boudoir book (which Meghan can provide) and say, “Damn, I look good!” Know you are more than enough, you are loved, and anyone would be blessed to have YOU.


4) Feel your feminine wiles.
Kids, careers, grocery store runs, scrubbing toilets can all leave you feeling less than sex-kitten-esque. Whether it’s for you to reconnect with feeling feminine and sexy or as a gift to your partner to remind them just how saucy you are, this is a sure fire way to have you feeling like a goddess.

5) Um, hello. THEY ARE FUN!
Need to bring a friend for support? Liquid Courage? Fine! Make it a day to remember! Take a break from day to day drudgery and enjoy yourself girl! You give so much to others, give some back to you.

6) Step out of your comfort zone.
If you are always comfortable, you are not growing. Let your guard and your hair down and enjoy your time at your shoot. You will thank yourself for the gift later. Guaranteed.

7) Own your own sexy.
The dirty thirties are a great time for this. You are wise, and you even hotter than you twenties. Age does not apply when we are shooting. You’re just a hottie with sass. No matter what the number is.

So lets book you a boudoir shoot?!


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