A Guide to Choosing and Printing Photos for Your Home



A Guide to Choosing and Printing Photos for Your Home

A Guide to Choosing and Printing Photos for Your Home

There’s nothing quite like photos to really turn a house into a home. From family portraits to photos from your favorite vacations, printing out your best memories turns your home into an extra special place.

Deciding which photos to print for your home and where to place them can be quite a process though, especially when you have a couple hundred to choose from and you’re not an interior designer or a photographer. So I give you a guide to choosing and printing photos for your home. Hopefully these few tips will help make choosing photos for your home much more enjoyable and a lot easier.

  • Get inspiration from others. When deciding how to design a gallery wall or matching frames with decor, go to Pinterest. Or Ikea. Check out other interior design magazines.
  • Consider your décor. Whether you’re deciding which photos to print or even where to hang them, take your décor into consideration. A good tip is to look for photos that contain colors that match the décor in specific areas of your house.
  • Get organized. Use folders to help you with the selection process. Place your favorite images into specific folders that are categorized according to prominent colors in the photos, particular themes or even various sections of your home. Place your favorite images into each folder.
  • Size and location matter. If you’re going to be placing your prints in an area where they will be visible from the opposite side of the room, opt for bigger prints to help them stand out.
  • Careful of the clutter. To stop a photo wall from looking too cluttered when you’re using frames of different colors and textures, trying printing your photos in black and white.
  • Plan before you hang. Before you start knocking nails into your walls, cut out exact replicas of the frames you’re planning to hang or arrange your printed photos on a wall to see what the display will look like before you make the commitment.

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