A Big Announcement for Meghan Elizabeth Photography!



A Big Announcement for Meghan Elizabeth Photography

If you saw my Instagram post from this morning, you noticed that I was pretty excited about it being the last day of camp. Well my excitement carries some more weight to it.

Four years ago I was working in the school system, I had graduated from Salisbury University less than a year earlier. I had been accepted into the Master’s program at Towson University for teaching and yet, I wasn’t excited. I was exhausted (yes I was working with children with some very intense special needs) but it was so much more than that. I loved those children, my heart was in them, but my heart wasn’t in the job. Something was missing. I had studied photography for 8 years throughout high school & college. I had worked a job at Picture People through college and then I graduated. That graduation meant walking away from photography. I had no idea how much photography filled my soul until I had walked away from it. That’s when a co-worker asked me to snap a few pictures of her kiddos for her Christmas card (my mom had mentioned to her that I used to work at Picture People and might be able to do it for her). A another co-worker saw the photos I took and asked me to do the same for her. I don’t really remember the moment the light bulb went off, but the thought began to creep into my mind, maybe I could take portraits on the side & teach during the year. Slowly and surely the portraits took off and the teaching dream quickly faded away. With each passing day this photography business became more and more apart of who I was and a dream I had to achieve. It’s probably a story you guys have read before and heard before…so why am I telling it again? This isn’t an announcement…or is it?!

Well friends, my excitement you saw from this morning…can you guess where I’m going with this?! The true excitement stemmed from the knowing that when I clocked out this afternoon, that was it! I was done with the 9-5 lifestyle. Yes!!

As of today, I am finally full-filling my dream.
A Big Announcement for Meghan Elizabeth Photography


So what does this mean?! I will be working from home. During the day I will be editing, emailing, marketing, scheduling, planning, shooting. Those things won’t be happening between the hours of 7pm-2am anymore.  I can dream with my business & execute those dreams. My house will be cleaner. My hubby will be fed healthier meals & won’t be annoyed by the sight of my computer being out anymore. Clients won’t have to wait as long for their portraits. & so many more things I can’t even imagine yet.

I drove home this afternoon praying a prayer of thanks & gratitude. All awhile, saying a prayer of hope & fear. I (or I should say we – to include the hubby) are walking into this new season of life with such excitement and hope. However there is also a weight of fear. Will I be able to succeed at this? Will I make enough of a profit to be a supporting factor to our financial life? Will I be able to stay motivated & not get distracted with the relaxations of working from home?

While those fears and anxieties rest in the back of my mind, I know deep down, I will make this work & show those fears whose boss! We will make this work! This is God’s plan for me (for us) & if it wasn’t I wouldn’t have the desire & passion I do. I wouldn’t have been this successful thus far. So now to buckle down and get working!!

Oh – a big huge thank you to everyone who helped me get here!!!
*To My hubby for supporting this every step of the way in was sometimes I don’t even know he does. For rocking at a high stress, exhausting job that has the pay & benefits we need so that I can pursue my dreams.
*To my parents who have encouraged my love & education in photography since I was in high school and learned about this hobby of mine. Who have simply helped my business grow through talking about how proud of me they are with anyone and everyone that will listen.
*To my siblings who love me and support me, share my name with friends & allow me to take photos of them!
*To my in-laws (parents & siblings) who have shared business advice with me.
*To all of my family who have been there and accepted the fact that I may be missing from a family event because of a shoot & helped in purchasing my very first camera
*To my amazing clients who make this dream a reality every time you book me, every time you share my name, every time you rave about your experience with me, every time you tag me in your profile picture on Facebook or on Instagram. But more importantly for trusting me with the biggest moments in your lives. Thank you for letting me live out my dream by capturing yours!!

I am so incredibly excited to be on this journey with you all and to see where it leads us!!!

Photo Credit: Jessi Grace Photography





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  1. pete

    September 2nd, 2017 at 09:46

    Meggo, WOW- so exciting. Proud of you and you will love the challenges and stresses of working for yourself. I have been doing it for over 17 years now and don’t thick I could ever go back to working for “someone else” ever again. Have fun. Stay focused and the benefits will follow. LOVE YOU! Uncle Pete

  2. Meghan

    September 6th, 2017 at 14:18

    Thanks Uncle Pete!!!! <3 <3 <3 I hope I never have to work for someone else ever again!!! 😀