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“You’ve never made me question your love for me, not once. You have showed me unconditional love and taught me what it means to feel at home in a relationship. And while one lifetime with you is not enough, I promise to never take for granted the way it feels to be loved by you.” […]

Baltimore Country Club Wedding

Sep 24, 2020

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Jay and I stood in Sam’s parents backyard, just beyond the Amazon purchased tents that her parents had purchased two days before in response to the potential forecast. The ceremony was scheduled to start in about thirty minutes. Sam was hiding away in her parent’s bedroom. Being that they had reached out on Sunday about […]

Forest Hill Backyard Wedding

Sep 23, 2020

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These Long’s Park Engagement Portraits are extra special. If you saw my instagram sneak peek two weeks ago, then you know why they’re special. If not…let me let you in on the reason, Ashleigh is my cousin! She’s two years younger than me and so we’re pretty close. We grew up going to the beach […]

Long's Park Engagement Portraits

Sep 22, 2020

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We walked into Owen’s light gray painted nursery for his Millersville Newborn Portraits. A white crib against the right wall with a big white bookshelf opposite of it. A child sized stuffed animal Giraffe stood in the corner. Scattered around the room, were canvases of animal portraits wearing bowties from The Crown Prints. I had […]

Millersville Newborn Portraits

Sep 17, 2020

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As I walked up the hill toward the Nature Center, a dark woodsy shade laid over the area where the Blaha family stood waiting for me. Just beyond it was a large beautifully lit wooden bridge. I knew that was exactly where I wanted to start their Oregon Ridge Nature Center Family Portraits. There’s a […]

Oregon Ridge Nature Center Family Portraits

Sep 15, 2020





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