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It’s true what they say, “Aunt life is the best life.” Ok mom life is pretty incredible as well but it is so much fun becoming an aunt. I should know, I’m now officially an aunt of three (with a fourth on the way!). One of my favorite things about being aunt, I have this […]

Schuylkill County Newborn Portraits

Jan 13, 2021

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We walked into Owen’s light gray painted nursery for his Millersville Newborn Portraits. A white crib against the right wall with a big white bookshelf opposite of it. A child sized stuffed animal Giraffe stood in the corner. Scattered around the room, were canvases of animal portraits wearing bowties from The Crown Prints. I had […]

Millersville Newborn Portraits

Sep 17, 2020

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I got an email from Tori on July 26th, “Great news! Our little one arrived on Thursday, July 23. His name is Archer Perry Wood and he’s perfect.” From one boy mama to the next, girl I know the feeling is exactly. Those little humans (boy or girl) completely steal our hearts from the moment […]

Aug 23, 2020

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She wore a light blue dress. Trimmed in white with a scalloped edge. She laid on mommy and daddy’s white bed. The goal was to capture a few portraits of her in her dress. Just her. But when you’re only a few weeks old, you don’t want to be alone. You want to be snuggled […]

Newborn Portraits in Laurel

Aug 19, 2020

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On August 2nd,2019 , we walked into our midwive’s office fully expecting a routine 40 week check up. But secretly hoping it would end with them telling me I was in labor (even though I had absolutely no sign of labor) and sending me over to the hospital. They had us scheduled for a growth […]

Aug 2, 2020





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