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As we head toward fall and winter, alot of people opt for portrait sessions during these season because there is a special kind of magic that comes with outdoor, winter photo sessions. The snow lightly falling and icicles hanging from the branches create a lovely backdrop for any photo session. Here are some tips to […]

Tips for Beautiful Fall or Winter Photos

Sep 9, 2019

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If you’ve ever asked me who I recommend for wedding day makeup, or honestly any kind of makeup, you know I RAVE about and love all over Meaghan and Rachael of Fleurt Beauty Company. These two are incredible at their craft and even more importantly two of the kindest souls on the face of the […]

Prep Your Skin for Wedding Makeup

Aug 28, 2019

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A few times a year I’ll get an email requesting information for an engagement shoot but not requesting info for the wedding. Often times brides think about the save the dates and getting those out before locking in the wedding photographer and of course to send out those save the dates they want their engagement […]

Aug 21, 2019

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You’ve been invited to a wedding, it’s such an honor and privilage to be invited. I hope that’s something that was a thought you had as you opened that invitation and you take your response very seriously. In a couple’s lives they have plenty of people they would love to celebrate this day with you […]

Wedding Guest Etiquette

Aug 13, 2019

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Wedding Invitations. There are so many different options out there, mainly going with either custom or a stock set that you customize your name and info on. Obviously the word, “Custom” puts a bit of fear in most of our budget friendly hearts as we believe that means our entire wedding budget will be spent […]

Aug 7, 2019





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