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25 At-Home Date Ideas

With the on-set of Covid, quarantine and also the always tight financial budget, I’ve been on the hunt for some at-home date ideas that the hubby and I will find enjoyable and fun. After searching the internet and also coming up with some ideas on my own, I’ve created a list of my top 25 at-home date ideas for you guys to look through. You can use all of them or just pick our your favorites, whatever you choose, just date each other! No matter where you are in your relationship, make dates a priority.

I added a little extra bit of fun to our date night ideas, I wrote each date on a blue post it note. Purple post it for the dates that require a sitter. I folded those dates up and threw them into a jar. Monday nights are our built in date night. No matter what, once Jack goes to bed, we put our phones away and enjoy uninterrupted time together. No work, no phones, just the two of us. So now, we pull out a post-it note and that tells us what our activity for the night is. Or if we’re planning a date to go out, we’ll pull a purple post it (these rarely happen so there aren’t as many purple posit-its).

I hope these 25 at-home date ideas are helpful for establishing a routine date night in your relationship but also keeps things fun and exciting and not the same go-to date week after week.

What are some other great at-home date ideas that you think we need to add to our list?!

  1. Risk & brownies: We can be a bit nerdy and as a result we enjoy playing Risk and how competitive we can each get with it. Throw in some yummy brownies and it’s a good night. We love Ghirardelli’s boxed brownies (I get a big box from Costco and we have them in the house for the random nights when you just want something sweet).
  2. Questions book & wine: I was gifted a book of 101 questions for you and your spouse. We’ll grab this book, a glass of wine (let’s be honest we’re not big drinkers so more than a glass and I won’t be able to get up in the morning) and go through the book and ask each other questions to help us dig deeper.
  3. Love languages quiz: I am a huge fan of the Love Languages and the value of understanding your love language, your significant other’s love language and even other family members and friends. It allows you to really show these people you love them by showing up in the language that speaks to them the most. The idea behind this quiz, is honestly, the hubby never took his. I have a feeling I know what his is but it’s never been confirmed. So I’m finally going to get him to actually take the quiz and we’ll make a date night out of it. I’ll retake it to make sure mine hasn’t changed.
  4. Learn how to play rummy: I feel like every internet date suggestion I found had this on it. But neither of us know how to play, so why not take the time to learn it and decide if it’s something we want to continue playing or say been there done that.
  5. Learn how to play gin: Same as above haha
  6. Play Life:¬†Seems pretty self explanatory ūüôā
  7. Monopoly:¬†Who doesn’t love a game of Monopoly!
  8. Wine, candle & lights out: Light a candle, pour a glass of wine and turn out the lights. Just enjoy some time chatting and relaxing. If you have a fireplace, light it and cozy up.
  9. Couples trivia: There are so many free versions of this on the internet, just do a quick search and play the way the version you find tells you to play. Make it competitive and throw in some kind of motivation (missed question has to drink, etc.)
  10. Homemade pasta: Find a recipe on how to make homemade pasta, whip up some sauces and just spend sometime in the kitchen cooking together.
  11. Wine & paint night: Grab some canvases and paints from Michaels, do a google search for a wine and paint night at home template and see who paints the best!
  12. Design a dream house:¬†No boundaries! Just grab a pen and paper and build out your dream house bucket list. If one of you is good at sketching, draw it up! Or jump on ikea and build out a virtual room or two. I bet there’s even some free apps online that you can use to build your own dream house on.
  13. Redesign a room in the house:¬†Is there a room in the house you’ve been dying to redecorate. Go do it! Move some furniture around. Grab decorative pieces from other rooms in the house and put them in this room. Go online and do some searching for new pieces you want.
  14. Take the apology language quiz: Just like we all have certain love languages, we all also have apology languages. Knowing how your partner apologizes and wants to be apologized too will be so incredibly beneficial to your relationship.
  15. Take the anger language quiz: Same here as the love languages and apology languages.
  16. Take stupid cosmos quizzes: What tv character are you? Which Lorelei Gilmore quote are you? Simple easy fun silly quizzes to laugh about and relax after a long hard day with your significant other.
  17. Plan a dream trip:¬†This is kind of like your dream house. Again, no boundaries. Where are you going? How are you getting there? What are doing when you’re there? What are you eating? Plan it all out! Have fun with it. Spend all the fake money you can and dream about it. Research it. Youtube reviews of it!
  18. Create a family bucket list:¬†I’m actually really excited about this one for us. I can’t wait to sit down with the hubby and create a list of all the must do stuff in our area, places we want to travel to and do with Jack (and any future kiddos) and actually build a real list that we want to accomplish. Then get around to crossing items off it asap!
  19. Create date bucket list: At some point, these post-it notes are going to run out. So start building out more ideas and keep the jar of dates going.
  20. Visit museum online:¬†You can visit most museums online (especially now) virtually. “Walk” through the exhibits together and explore all the museum has to offer. Learn things and get intellectual on your date. Maybe even add some fun and make it a drinking game, every time you see a painting with flowers, you drink. etc.
  21. Rooftop Drinks: On our house, we have access to one of the roofs. So since we can’t go out to a fancy bar with rooftop drinks, we’ll just bring the drinks to our roof. Obviously we need warmer weather for this one, so it’s on hold til then.
  22. Take the Enneagram quiz together: Another one of those really good and beneficial personality quizzes to learn more about each other.
  23. Learn and watch a game together:¬†Find a sport that you both don’t know alot about, learn the rules and watch a game together. You can go all out on this one and make all the good game food, get the good game beer, wear some jerseys or the teams colors. Each pick a side and get competitive with it.
  24. Movie theatre: Ok, this one is our favorite and a routine go-to. Pick a movie out of one of your streaming services that neither of you have seen (this is hard for us movie buffs). Then either order in from a favorite or a new takeout. Or make some fun at home movie theatre food (nachos & cheese, soft pretzels, popcorn, etc.), make sure to swing by the grocery store and pick up those boxes of your favorite movie theatre candy. Grab a coke and flop on the couch (or our favorite, the bed) and turn off the lights. Snacks and watch your new movie.
  25. Become photographers for the day: Ok, so this isn’t on our list but I saw this one on another list and couldn’t resist adding it to this list. Do some quick research and understand the basics of photography. Then either using your phones or a camera, go for a walk around your neighborhood, or even around the house and try and be the best photographer you can. Then compare your artwork that you created and have an art show between the two of you.

No matter what dates you choose, just make sure you’re spending time together and digging deeper into your relationship.

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25 At-Home Date Ideas

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I'm Meghan and I'm so happy you're here. Wife. Mama. Photographer. Boss. Educator.
& writer of the blog!
Here you'll find inspiration, advice and bits about my life. 
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