Governor Calvert House Wedding | Kellie & Mahmood



She wore those same navy blue heels. They’re just a little bit scuffed. They’re worn in but still adorned with sparkle. She wore them at her brother’s wedding. She wore them the night they met. The night their story began, the night when they danced till their feet hurt & their minds turned to nothing but each other. Little did Kellie know that the night she watched her brother marry the woman of his dreams, would also be the night she would meet the man of hers. Little did her brother realize that as well, at first he wasn’t a fan of his big sister falling in love with his Naval Academy roommate, but as time went on he couldn’t deny that they were perfect and meant for each other. Months turned to years, years turned to deployments and then a ring appeared. Kellie’s the laid back, quiet type to those who don’t know her, but boy when Mahmood walks into the room, the way she lights up. The way that boy can make her smile, those of us who don’t know Kellie as well as Mahmood, get a glimpse into the real her and it’s a sweet and warm soul full of laughter and brightness. Kellie & Mahmood were married in October at the Governor Calvert House in Annapolis, one of the best spots for an Annapolis wedding. Since Mahmood is in the Navy and we were so close, they opted to have their portraits taken at the Naval Academy, it was my first time really exploring the Academy and I’m in love with it!
Congratulations Kellie & Mahmood!

Venue: The Governor Calvert House 
Cake: Fiona’s 
DJ: C&J Entertainment (Chris Temple)
Hair: Up Do’s for I Do’s (Dana) 
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alaverdi-wedding-88_the-governor-calvert-house-weddingalaverdi-wedding-284_the-governor-calvert-house-weddingalaverdi-wedding-285_the-governor-calvert-house-weddingalaverdi-wedding-300_the-governor-calvert-house-weddingalaverdi-wedding-301_the-governor-calvert-house-weddingalaverdi-wedding-333_the-governor-calvert-house-weddingalaverdi-wedding-335_the-governor-calvert-house-weddingalaverdi-wedding-341_the-governor-calvert-house-weddingalaverdi-wedding-358_the-governor-calvert-house-weddingalaverdi-wedding-360_the-governor-calvert-house-weddingalaverdi-wedding-376_the-governor-calvert-house-weddingalaverdi-wedding-393_the-governor-calvert-house-weddingalaverdi-wedding-419_the-governor-calvert-house-weddingalaverdi-wedding-509_the-governor-calvert-house-weddingMahmood is Persian, in the Persian culture a table is set up with different pieces on top of it. Each piece holds a special meaning. Kellie & Mahmood had this table set up at the ceremony.
alaverdi-wedding-38_the-governor-calvert-house-weddingalaverdi-wedding-43_the-governor-calvert-house-weddingalaverdi-wedding-48_the-governor-calvert-house-weddingThe reception turned into quite the PARTY! But first, speeches. Three incredibly heart felt and quite hilarious speeches. Kellie’s brother whose stationed in Japan wasn’t able to get leave and be at the wedding, so he wrote a speech and had their youngest brother read it. There wasn’t a dry eye or a cheek not in pain from laughing left in the room.

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