Leakin Park Engagement Shoot | Shannon & Jon



There’s this one tree that Jon loves off of Johnnycakes Road in Baltimore. So when Shannon & I were planning their engagement session we had to find a spot that was somewhat close to the tree since Jon was very insistent that the tree be featured.  So after much searching for a rustic spot in the Baltimore area (which isn’t really rustic at all)…I was able to find Leakin Park, one of the spots that Gwynn Falls connects too. We had found our spot!

Spending time with Jon & Shannon was like spending time with old friends. We instantly connected and we immediately comfortable.
These two are absolutely adorable together. You can tell they are completely head over heels in love and can’t enough kisses! We were headed to our first spot and I was giving them some very brief instruction and Jon says “should I just push her up against the wall and make out with her?” He was perfectly fine grabbing as many kisses as possible.
They get married at the end of September and I for one am so incredibly excited for their backyard wedding! It’s going to be awesome!
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