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Linganore Winery Wedding

She walked down the aisle with her arm wrapped around her Daddy’s. The sun was out, we sat on this big beautiful hill overlooking the rolling vineyards of Linganore Winery in Mt. Airy, Maryland. As LisaMarie approached Patrick you could see the excitement on both of their faces. The ceremony began as any traditional wedding ceremony begins. Then slowly everyone began to feel little tiny droplets of water hitting their face and you could hear the whispers amongst the guests, “It’s raining”. Sure enough even though we were surrounded by acres of land, we were on the only very small plot that a small rain cloud rolled in over. Slowly but yet ever so quickly the rain picked up. Thank goodness the heavens never really opened up which would’ve resulted in everyone becoming soaked. The officiant went through the ceremony as quickly as possible. Yet, you could tell LisaMarie & Patrick weren’t rushed. Neither of them got discouraged. Nothing could break their attention on each other. They were getting married and that was all that mattered right now. Their Linganore Winery Wedding was nothing short of stunning, even amongst the rain, it was  just beauty. Every detail was planned out perfectly. The wine barrels at the ceremony site adorned with greens and bright beautiful white flowers. The table centerpieces and escort cards. Every last detail was perfection.
Colby, the best man, stood up and spoke of his and Patrick’s conversation the night before. They sat in their hotel room sipping on a glass of whiskey talking. A conversation that turned toward love. Toward commitment. Toward LisaMarie. “Love is not a word. It is not a noun or a feeling. Love is a verb. An action, something you live out everyday. Everyday you show your partner that you love them. Every action expresses that love and shares that love with them.” Colby’s words caught the attention of the room. The speech was heart felt. But it wouldn’t be complete without some advice, “So I leave you both with these pieces of advice, LisaMarie you can tell him what to do and how to do it but never at the same time. Patrick, my man, remember foreplay is key.” And with that the party began.

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Lisa’s work friends choreographed and performed a completely surprise flash mob for her and Patrick. It was incredible!

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Dress Store | Couture by Posh Bridal

Groomsman Attire | Men’s Warehouse

Makeup | Heather Rea Style Studio

Florist | Blossoms & Basket Boutique

Ceremony & Reception | Linganore Winery

Cupcakes | Baltimore Cakery

Officiant | Ceremony By Rachael 


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