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Favorite Portraits from 2017

I’m excited to announce a new program I’m launching this year! The Meghan Elizabeth Photography Referral Program! It’s really simple – you know I don’t like to make things complicated because who has time for that! So here’s how it works…

  1. Tell your friends, family, anyone and everyone about Meghan Elizabeth Photography
  2. Tell them to make sure they mention your name when they book
  3. Once 4 people have booked a session OR one person books a wedding with Meghan Elizabeth Photography…You get a free portrait shoot!

That’s it! So for most of you just keep doing what you’re doing but now you get rewarded for it!! I’ll keep track of how many booked referrals you have and will let you know when you have a free shoot available.

The shoot is a mini 30-minute session at a location within 15 miles from Main Street, Catonsville. The session must be redeemed within a year from when it’s received.

So who’s ready to receive a free portrait session?!

Favorite Portraits from 2017

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