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Howard County Conservancy Family | Fields Family


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howard-county-conservancy-family_2381There isn’t much to say other than I love this family!! The four of them make my job incredibly easy every single time they’re in front of my camera!!! We headed to my favorite shooting spot, The Howard County Conservancy for their fall portraits and the light couldn’t have been more perfect!!! Thanks for being so amazing Fields family. You guys rocked it!

Oh…and Mr. Colton is the definition of a “ham”!!!!
howard-county-conservancy-family_2382howard-county-conservancy-family_2383howard-county-conservancy-family_2384howard-county-conservancy-family_2385howard-county-conservancy-family_2386howard-county-conservancy-family_2387howard-county-conservancy-family_2388howard-county-conservancy-family_2389howard-county-conservancy-family_2390howard-county-conservancy-family_2391howard-county-conservancy-family_2392howard-county-conservancy-family_2393howard-county-conservancy-family_2394howard-county-conservancy-family_2395howard-county-conservancy-family_2396howard-county-conservancy-family_2397howard-county-conservancy-family_2398howard-county-conservancy-family_2399howard-county-conservancy-family_2400That scrunched up face & those big blue eyes…talk about heart melting!!!!

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