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On August 2nd, we walked into our midwive’s office fully expecting a routine 40 week check up. But secretly hoping it would end with them telling me I was in labor (even though I had absolutely no sign of labor) and sending me over to the hospital. They had us scheduled for a growth ultrasound […]

Sep 1, 2019

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The idea of choosing a photo shoot location can be a daunting task but fortunately most of the time the answer to which location is really on your mind, you just need to commit to the idea of it. Which is why, I decided to share some advice on How to Find the Perfect Photo […]

Aug 4, 2019

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The same morning that Sam and Christine took my maternity portraits, we took turns and grabbed some headshots and portraits of them as well. We were blessed with a gorgeous summer morning for their Portraits at Howard County Conservancy. If you like these Portraits at Howard County Conservancy, you might also like: Rawlings Conservatory Portraits […]

Jul 16, 2019

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I absolutely adore this family! I know them from my time at Life Time and so when Jamie asked me to come over and grab some Clarksville Family Portraits I was so in. I met them at their stunning home in Clarksville. We didn’t get the best weather but at least it didn’t rain and […]

Jun 26, 2019

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If you’ve been following along with my nephews story since I shared his maternity portraits in January, then hopefully you know about his heart condition. The short story, he was born with a heart condition called Tetrology of Fallot which would result in him having to have open heart surgery within his first year of […]

Jun 24, 2019