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Julianna emailed me, “How many bottles of champagne should I bring if I want to pop a bottle and get that really awesome shot of the champagne spray?!” I told her to bring three, I hadn’t yet mastered the spray and wanted to make sure that we had plenty of opportunities to nail the shot […]

Devil's Den Anniversary Portraits

Jan 19, 2021

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The six of us stood at the baptismal font. The rest of the large marble church empty. We all wore masks. Camila hungry for a snack and ready for a nap, dressed in a long white baptism gown, she fussed. Monica grabbed a few puffs from the diaper bag. “If it is your will that […]

St. Peter's Catholic Church Baptism

Jan 18, 2021

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I met Phoebe at her home for her Ellicott City Senior Portraits. We had hoped that we were going to be blessed with some sun and maybe even a little bit of warmth. But unfortunately we were graced with a day covered in low hanging deep fog with a high of 50 degrees. But it […]

Ellicott City Senior Portraits

Jan 17, 2021

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The first time I met Elisha was at my wedding. It was a incredibly short encounter, she hugged me and wished me congratulations and introduced herself in the midst of cocktail hour after I had just come in from having our portraits taken. I spent all of maybe 30 seconds with her before being whisked […]

Bernville Family Portraits

Jan 14, 2021

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I wandered around Hawk Mountain with Charlie and his mom, Kim for his Hawk Mountain Senior Portraits. It was a comfortably cool November late afternoon. The sun set through the leaf-less trees and cast that perfectly warm yellow glow that winter sun lays on the earth. I’m not sure if that’s something that us photographers […]

Hawk Mountain Senior Portraits

Jan 11, 2021





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