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Choosing the time of day for your portrait session is often something that trips people up when scheduling their session. Fortunately, I’m always here to help you individually and thought a blog post might also help. It’s actually a lot simpler than some might think. The rule of thumb is that we want to be shooting […]

Apr 10, 2019

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As a result of this birthday party, I learned something new about my hubby. To my surprise, the poor man has never had a Cinnabon or a pretzel from Auntie Anne’s!? Yes, don’t worry I’ll be getting him to the mall soon to remedy this situation. But how did this birthday party force me to […]

Apr 4, 2019

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The Wong Family is getting an addition any day now! Another little boy will join this sweet family of three but before he does we met for their Maternity Portraits at Centennial Park. We originally thought it was going to rain so we had come up with a backup plan but on the day of […]

Apr 3, 2019

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Joey and Jeannine are expecting a baby girl any day now! Before she arrives, we made sure to grab some maternity portraits on what was probably one of the coldest days of the year so far. We started at their home in Oella Mill and took some portraits around the building and the grounds. After […]

Mar 18, 2019

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Mr. Hudson Scott has been keeping us on our toes since the beginning. He’s been calling the shots and surprising us at every turn, so his birth should’ve been no different. Being breached meant that a scheduled c-section was best. It was set for February 12th, Kay and Mitch had talked to the doctors and […]

Mar 7, 2019