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A few years ago I had the pleasure of spending time with Annabelle and her sweet little family. I thought I would reshare this awesome product that Annabelle’s Aunt is the founder and creator of for all of you new moms and dads out there. The company Nesting Days, has created and sells newborn carriers.

Here’s a little something from them…

What makes a peaceful, happy baby?
Lots of skin-to-skin time, lots of warm milk, and lots of LOVE.
That’s why we made the Nesting Days newborn carrier – a skin-to-skin newborn carrier that let’s mom nest her baby right next to her heart, hands-free, while she navigates her day. No complicated wrapping, buckles or straps. Just soft, strong layers of stretch fabric that provide a safe, peaceful and happy baby-nest.
This Petal Pink version is part of the new Lullaby Collection.  Made of soft, organic cotton and lycra, it is perfect for ‘nesting’ at home in the first days, weeks and months after delivery, and also for baby’ first excursions out into the big, world.”

Julie, the founder, asked that we take some shots of her niece, Annabelle wearing the carrier in multiple different lifestyle settings. Settings that a mom would wear the carrier in. Then we grabbed some detail shots of the carrier. You can see the detail shots on their website, here.
Honestly, after watching Annabelle get Eliza into the carrier(which she did by herself) and hearing first hand from Annabelle how it feels and works – I could for sure seeing myself purchasing and wearing one of these when that time in life comes.
So for all my brand new mommies out there – I highly recommend checking out Nesting Days for a newborn carrier!
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