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It was about 4 weeks til my wedding day, I was in the final details process. Finalizing my wedding day timeline, connecting with my day of coordinator. Sending over details and timelines to all my vendors when my makeup artist responded to my email stating that she wanted to meet in person to discuss some details. We set up a coffee date for a week later, giving me 3 weeks between our meeting and my wedding day. I sat across from her as she described a situation she was in with the girl I had hired as my hair artist. A personal story between the two of them and the feelings that were resulting from that situation. She continued on to inform me that she was worried that their tension would cause issues on my wedding day and as a result she doesn’t feel confident in being able to be my makeup artist for my wedding. She then gave me two names to contact in hopes that they would be able to make it for the day. I walked out of our meeting completely stressed. Let’s face it, I don’t do makeup! I wear mascara. Sometimes I rock an attempt at foundation and some eyeshadow, but this was my wedding day. I wasn’t going to be doing my own makeup. I needed a professional. Someone who knew what they were doing not only for me but for 8 other women in my life who needed it for my wedding day. I walked out stressed. I immediately went home and emailed the two names, Rachel and Meaghan and explained the situation. Praying someone would be available!

At the time, Rachel and Meaghan had their own companies. I had no idea they even knew each other. Rachel got back to me right away stating she was going to be out of town on November 1st. Then Meaghan came in and saved the day! When she received my email, she had a few trials for brides scheduled on November 1st. She told the brides the situation and asked them if they wouldn’t mind rescheduling. Thank you brides for helping in saving the day! They all rescheduled and Meaghan emailed me to let me know she was available!

On November 1st, she arrived 45 minutes early! She came in, gave us all extra beautiful faces and on top we learned she’s just an all around amazing person. She’s just a blast to be around! She instantly becomes friends with everyone she meets.

Fast forward to 2018 and I’m happy to say that Meaghan and I are now very dear friends! I look back on that date in October in Bean Hollow as a God moment. He brought a woman into my life and my business at a time He knew I would need it. Meaghan is not only a big sister but a huge advocate for my business. She’s connected me into the Baltimore Wedding world in ways that I wouldn’t have been able to do without her. So when she calls for anything, I answer with a big ol yes! Just cause she deserves it, I love spending time with her and let’s be honest her ideas are always genius.

So when she called me in January with a need and a vision, I jumped in! Meaghan and Rachel have joined forces and created Fleurt Beauty Company. They both currently do makeup BUT exciting news, Meaghan is getting licensed in hair!! You will now be able to hire Meaghan for both your wedding day makeup as well as your wedding day hair! As a result, she needs images in her portfolio for her hair abilities. So a bridal portraits styled shoot it was. We had three models. Meaghan did the girls hair and makeup, they wore their own wedding dresses, Meaghan made the bouquets (seriously anything this woman touches turns to gold!) and the models were TALENTED!

To start, I thought I’d share my first model…she might look a little familiar. Why is that?! Cause she’s my sister!!! I need to steal her to model for me more often, I think she missed part of her calling. But only part of it, cause honestly, she’s definitely working in her calling – a Child Life Specialist. But modeling might be a good side gig!

But I mean, how gorgeous is my little sister?!

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