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If you’ve ever asked me who I recommend for wedding day makeup, or honestly any kind of makeup, you know I RAVE about and love all over Meaghan and Rachael of Fleurt Beauty Company. These two are incredible at their craft and even more importantly two of the kindest souls on the face of the planet. So of course, they had to guest blog and why not let it be about a very important question that you brides have, “How to Prep Your Skin for Wedding Makeup”. So without further ado, I’ll hand the blog over to Meaghan to answer that exact question.

Prep Your Skin for Wedding Makeup(see more from this shoot where I collaborated with Meaghan here.)

Fleurt golden rule: the better your skin looks, the better your makeup will look.

We totally believe that skin first, makeup second is the recipe for picture perfect portraits on your wedding day.  At your trial consultation we talk a lot.  Really, a lot.  Most of the conversation will be about your skin, what your using to take care of it, and what you should consider adding to your routine.  This is your chance to pick our brain and get pretty stellar advise.  (If we so say so ourselves).

Facials are great, but…

Treat yo’self to a facial before your big day; its relaxing and wonderful to renew and revive dull, tired, stressed out skin.  Getting your facial the week of your wedding is great.  They will exfoliate and hydrate your skin and give you treatments for your specific needs.  PLEASE tell them you are getting married and when.  They will definitely need to avoid extractions, and any chemical peel that could start irritation, peeling. and generally pissed off skin.  Just a refresher, please do not experiment with anything.

You will absolutely benefit from a few facials before the wedding.  This is especially true if you are not taking great care of your skin at home.  If your regular routine is St Ives Scrub (gasp) and sunscreen, one facial will NOT get your skin where it needs to be.  Good home care will take you a long way…we have written about this…you can find our posts here and here.


Its curial that your skin is polished and dead skin is removed.  When dead skin is left to sit on the surface of the skin, no amount of good pre-makeup prep will do much to help the makeup from clinging to dead skin.  It looks caked and pretty horrible as time goes on.  Not good for those close up portraits.  As always, we recommend gentle exfoliating acid products (toners and serums) as opposed to anything that “scrub” the surface of your skin.  Meaghan carries exfoliating wipes in her kit for a quick exfoliation (on clients), and they are perfect for her use, but not to be used in a regular routine.


If you suffer from whiteheads, your moisturizer may be too rich for you.  Consider switching from rich, thick creams to a facial oil, or ultra hydrating serum.  Thinner formulation will provide better absorption of moisture with less congestion.  Less congestion means less potential breakouts, which is super ideal before your big day.

Prep Your Skin for Wedding Makeup

Sheet Masks

These are amazing for a quick intense hydration, detox, or brightening treatment at home.  There are tons to choose from so be sure to grab a few and see what your skin likes and use them in the weeks leading up to your wedding or special event.  Detoxifying masks containing charcoal will help clear blackheads, which is necessary because they can actually become raised and create a “bumpy” texture under makeup.

See more of Nicky and Matt’s wedding, where I worked with Fleurt Beauty Company here.

Dermaplane Treatments

In 20-30 minutes, all of your dead skin and peach fuzz will be gone!   Each fuzz can often “catch” airbrush makeup making it more visible so this is ideal for those getting airbrush makeup on their special day.  There is usually zero irritation and down time with this procedure and your new, resurfaced skin will be glowing, your skin care will have less epidermis to absorb into and your makeup will glide on like butter!

There ya go y’all.  Some tips from Meaghan and Rachael on how to get your best skin for your big day.

What do you love to do to prep your skin?  Want to know our favorite products?  Drop us a note below!


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I'm Meghan and I'm so happy you're here. Wife. Mama. Photographer. Boss. Educator.
& writer of the blog!
Here you'll find inspiration, advice and bits about my life. 
Stay a while and say hello!

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