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Cylburn Arboretum Engagement Photos_1506

Spring Cylburn Arboretum Engagement Portraits

Lisa was attending a neurological conference and needed a ride back to the airport. One of her friends recommended catching a shuttle back with this guy, Kasey. They could share it since they both had to be at the airport at the same time.¬†They enjoyed the ride enjoying small chat and arrived at the airport and parted ways. Lisa went on with life, but Kasey felt differently. He knew there was something about this girl. After multiple attempts, he finally convinced her to go on a date. The rest as they say is history. They’re getting married in Michigan this summer and I’m very excited for the wedding! But first, we had to get their Cylburn Arboretum Engagement photos taken. Aren’t they adorable!?

Cylburn Arboretum Engagement Photos_1507Cylburn Arboretum Engagement Photos_1508Cylburn Arboretum Engagement Photos_1509Cylburn Arboretum Engagement Photos_1510Cylburn Arboretum Engagement Photos_1511Cylburn Arboretum Engagement Photos_1512Cylburn Arboretum Engagement Photos_1513Cylburn Arboretum Engagement Photos_1514Cylburn Arboretum Engagement Photos_1515Cylburn Arboretum Engagement Photos_1516

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