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I'm Meghan and I'm so happy you're here. Wife. Mama. Photographer. Boss. Educator.
& writer of the blog!
Here you'll find inspiration, advice and bits about my life. 
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Hi, I'm Meghan.


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The day of my bridal shower – I felt loved beyond words! It was a feeling unlike anything else I had ever experience before. The excitement, anticipation, the unknown of what was being planned for me. For my hubby. For our future together. By the most important women in my and our lives. True honest, God loving love. That Agape love. I felt it. It was amazing! I wish it would’ve lasted all day. But sadly, the actual party was only two short hours.

The theme was a Garden Tea Party with an Alice In Wonderland twist – for some crazy reason I’ve always been a big fan of Alice.


(c) Meghan Elizabeth Photography

(c) Meghan Elizabeth Photography

The awesome cake was created by none other than, Once Upon A Crumb.


These ADORABLE cupcakes were baked and put together by my very talented sister!!


How adorable! They did such an incredible job designing this bridal shower!!

Thanks to one of my bridesmaids, Amber, for taking the pictures!


The Mimosas Bar!! Love. Love. Love. It!!


“Bride to be” the sign above all the presents!


Tea cups were scattered around the house and then guests were asked to take their favorite home with them as their favor!


All the food was “tea” party themed – finger sandwiches for example.


DSC_0260We of course played some games. The first one, everyone got a piece of string. Each piece of string was a different length. As we went around the room you had to talk about how you knew me, and anything else about me and our relationship while wrapping the string around your index finger. When the string ran out you were finished speaking. Some people had short strings, some people had long strings. It was AWESOME to hear all the different stories everyone had to share. Such sweet touching stories of the past 25 years of my life.

My MOH doing what she does best, leading the crowd 🙂


One of the gifts from my cousin, Aunt & mom was a book full of family recipes.

As well as a “recipe for marriage”, each item on the recipe was accompanied by an item – sugar, measuring spoons, etc. I’ll have to find the “recipe” and list of items and share it with you guys!


The bridesmaids (left to right)

Jenny (best friend for 20 years), Kayleigh (my little sister), Me, Amber (friend from college), Katie (cousin), Ashleigh (cousin)


See the “Alice in Wonderland” twist!


Me with two of my future aunts & mother-in-law!


My Gram!


My Grandma!

(c) Meghan Elizabeth Photography

A massive massive thank you to these two!!! They kicked some MAJOR butt planning the shower. They exceeded my dreams and desires!!!


Presents 😀 we were blessed beyond belief!

We decided to have the gifts come unwrapped. This way, everyone could see what we were given. But they didn’t have to sit and watch me open each gift. Best decision we made for the shower!!!


(c) Meghan Elizabeth Photography

My Facebook thanks…

“I can’t thank everyone enough for this afternoon! My bridal shower was just incredible to say the least…I feel so loved and spoiled! Thank you everyone for traveling the miles you traveled, cooking the food, sharing your memories and stories, and for the gifts upon gifts you have blessed us with to start our life together! We have been truly blessed for havin each of you in our/my life. Thank you thank you thank you! And a special extra thank you to my wonderful mother, sister/maid of honor and bridesmaidsfor doing all you did to put this party on!! And to dad, brother and fiancé for all you did to get the yard in order! I love you all!!!”

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I'm Meghan and I'm so happy you're here. Wife. Mama. Photographer. Boss. Educator.
& writer of the blog!
Here you'll find inspiration, advice and bits about my life. 
Stay a while and say hello!

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