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You probably remember hearing about Heidi–my girlfriend from the school system. I don’t remember if I mentioned that she is also in the process of getting married–actually she’s getting married in 23 days! Crazy but so exciting 🙂

I was asked to capture one of her bridal showers. She was given two–one by her mom and mother-in-law and the other by her bridesmaids. Sadly, I was already booked on the date of her first shower and so I passed that along onto Amber to shoot. But I was able to shoot the ones her girlfriends hosted–it was at Basignani Winery. Which is a beautiful place! The shower was a surprise. They enticed her there by setting up a triple date between 2 of the bridesmaids and their men and Heidi and Rob (Heidi’s fiancé). She was for sure surprised.

It was great to be there and capture such a fun experience in my friend’s life. The details were incredible, adorable and so very Heidi. They had a ton of really fun games–the toilet paper game, a picture game(looking at the pictures of Heidi, guess how old she is in each picture–those were some pretty funny pictures to look at. Oh the 80’s!), a bridal shower scratch-off, the purse game and probably a few other ones I’m forgetting.

Congrats love!!!


Heidi and Rob are huge fitness nuts! They both compete in Tri-Atholons and actually met while training for one–if I’m remembering the story correctly haha. But they’re both really into biking–so the favors for the shower were these adorable little stemless wine glasses with bicycles and their wedding date on them.


Heidi is also very into the green theme that’s going on in life right now–so when he sister found these “green” plates and silverware, she knew she had to have them at the shower.




Heidi & Rob <3


Grabbing a quick little shot with the bride-to-be…actually the two brides-to-bes haha 🙂


love ya girlfriend!

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