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If you saw my blog post on Sunday, you know that I was in Michigan this summer to shoot a wedding. An awesome wedding for a superb couple!! (check the wedding out here)
Well, I took the hubby along with me to Michigan to be my travel companion and since neither of us had been there before we decided to do some exploring on the off days. While there, I decided that even though I had all of my camera gear – I wanted to be a normal tourist! So I give you An iPhone Michigan Trip!
Honestly, while I hated the fact that I was very limited in the capability of my iPhone to take good quality photos. I loved even more that all I needed was my small over the shoulder purse and I could go. No big bags and clunky equipment to have to care for and shoulders that hurt. It was perfect!

We flew into Detroit on Thursday and immediately headed to Greenfield Village & The Henry Ford Museum. We had multiple people recommend it, so we bought the tickets and headed there.
The idea of Greenfield Village was Henry Ford’s – he wanted to create a progressive school where anyone was welcome to come and learn about anything. If a girl wanted to learn to be a mechanic, she could come here and learn that. If a boy wanted to learn to be a chef, he was welcome to come and do that. Classes and lessons were structured around the students and their needs. Since then, Greenfield Village is no longer a school but a tourist attraction to take you back in time. We enjoyed wandering around and checking out the old buildings and historical exhibits.

iPhone-michigan-trip-photos_2107iPhone-michigan-trip-photos_2108iPhone-michigan-trip-photos_2109iPhone-michigan-trip-photos_2110iPhone-michigan-trip-photos_2111iPhone-michigan-trip-photos_2112iPhone-michigan-trip-photos_2113iPhone-michigan-trip-photos_2114iPhone-michigan-trip-photos_2115iPhone-michigan-trip-photos_2116Greenfield Village is on the same property as The Henry Ford Museum so of course we had to check out both! & oh boy…the museum is beautiful! The photographer in me dreams of shooting a wedding here!! I mean look at that chandelier!!

The Museum is pretty cool 😀 I loved the cars – cars used to be so cool and unique. We really just don’t make them that way anymore…


The wheel is taller than me!!

iPhone-michigan-trip-photos_2121After our Henry Ford exploring, we jumped in the car and took the hour and half trip north to Saginaw which is where we stayed for the weekend.
Friday was devoted to a trip to Frankenmuth, Michigan. A small little town about half an hour from Saginaw. Our first stop was the world’s largest Christmas store, Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland. And when they say it’s large, they aren’t lying!! We didn’t stop to really look at anything, we just walked the perimeter of the building, glancing here and there and it took us 45 minutes!

iPhone-michigan-trip-photos_2122We continued onto Main Street – Frankenmuth, is a little german themed town due to it originally being settled by germans and since then it has kept to its history. We did some wandering around and exploring.

We stopped for lunch at Prost!  which is a really really cool restaurant and wine bar. Very scrumptious!


After some much needed lunch -we stopped for some ice cream at Jaami’s Ice Cream & Treats & continued on for some more exploring. Zak & Mac’s is an ADORABLE little chocolate shop & if I hadn’t just stuffed my face with a big ol ice cream cone, I would have for sure got a ton of chocolate here!


Saturday was spent shooting the wedding at Saginaw Valley State University & seriously…how cute are these two!?


Sunday was made for wedding hangovers & not because I drank at their wedding. If you know a wedding photographer, they’ll tell you all about these wedding hangovers we get. You’re exhausted, your body aches and your brain doesn’t function. So the day after a wedding, if possible, you wear comfy clothes and do nothing with yourself. So combine my wedding hangover with the downpour of rain – the hubby & I decided we’d hit the movies…TWICE! We saw Star Trek 3 & Finding Dory – both fantastic choices. We had a wonderfully relaxing day and then went out for a steak dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse & crashed early!

Monday was our trip home but we weren’t scheduled to fly out till much later in the evening. A must see in Michigan is the University of Michigan but more specifically the law school at University of Michigan! It’s like stepping into Hogwarts!! Which of course makes my Harry Potter loving heart swoon. The campus was breathtaking, the architecture was…well…written about in magical story tales & dreams come true here…and not just for the law students! This was by far my favorite sightseeing part of our trip and it was the shortest!

iPhone-michigan-trip-photos_2131iPhone-michigan-trip-photos_2132iPhone-michigan-trip-photos_2133iPhone-michigan-trip-photos_2134iPhone-michigan-trip-photos_2135iPhone-michigan-trip-photos_2136After some lunch at this neat little restaurant in Ann Arbor – the HopCat (I got these incredible fish tacos – which in case you didn’t know…I’m obsessed with fish tacos at the moment!!) So anyways, after lunch, we headed for the airport and hung around there for a while – I was editing, the hubby was playing video games/reading. We enjoyed our last date night meal at The Longhorn Steakhouse there in the airport – so yummy but fun fact you don’t get a steak knife while there – and then board our flight home.

The four day trip was everything we needed and more & something I wish we could do more often!


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I'm Meghan and I'm so happy you're here. Wife. Mama. Photographer. Boss. Educator.
& writer of the blog!
Here you'll find inspiration, advice and bits about my life. 
Stay a while and say hello!

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