Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania Senior Portraits | Jessie



The cozy crispness of fall has my heart. It always has and forever will be my favorite season. When the leaves turn those different perfect shades of yellow, orange and red. You get to breakout the cute sweaters, adorable boots and those warm soft scarves. Pumpkins and apple cider. Every bit of it warms my heart. Except, unfortunately, Maryland didn’t really have much of that fall this year. It was an awkwardly warm fall. No crisp air all day long. The leaves changed and just as fast they fell off the trees. It was slightly disappointing. So when we headed up to my hubby’s hometown of Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania for the day – I became slightly more excited than normal. I got to have a perfect fall day. With the perfect fall colors. And what was even better – I got to capture those fall colors behind a beautiful young lady. Meet Jessie. My hubby’s younger cousin. She’s a senior at Blue Mountain and dreams of being accepted to Temple. A dream that will come true, I am sure. To say Jessie rocked her senior shoot would be an understatement. Every shot. Every pose. Perfection. I had a very difficult time deciding which ones to share with you all!

So enjoy Jessie’s stunning fall Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania shoot! I know I do 😀

Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania Senior Photos_0629Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania Senior Photos_0630Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania Senior Photos_0631Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania Senior Photos_0632Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania Senior Photos_0633Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania Senior Photos_0634Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania Senior Photos_0635Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania Senior Photos_0636Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania Senior Photos_0637Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania Senior Photos_0638Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania Senior Photos_0639Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania Senior Photos_0640Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania Senior Photos_0641Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania Senior Photos_0642Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania Senior Photos_0643

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