Will you be my bridesmaid?

So I got a bunch of shoots to share with you guys coming up…but as we wait for those…figured I’d share a fun wedding planning post. Figuring out who was going to be my Maid of Honor was and has never been a question or thought process–always knew it would be my best friend in […]

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So I got a bunch of shoots to share with you guys coming up…but as we wait for those…figured I’d share a fun wedding planning post.

Figuring out who was going to be my Maid of Honor was and has never been a question or thought process–always knew it would be my best friend in the whole world–my little sister. She even knew it. She was there when Nick proposed. As soon as he finished and we all hugged and were crying, she yells “Guys you know what this means…I’M THE MAID OF HONOR!” So I didn’t think I needed to officially ask her to be…but I was told differently. So I had to figure out how I was going to ask her to be maid of honor. I put together a little box of goodies for her. I got her a “how-to guide” to being a maid of honor, a frame with a letter asking her and an old picture of us and spot to put a wedding day picture.

(c) Meghan Elizabeth Photography (c) Meghan Elizabeth Photography

of course Riley had to be a part of the opening…

(c) Meghan Elizabeth Photography  (c) Meghan Elizabeth Photography

(c) Meghan Elizabeth Photography

Kayleigh, What can I say; you’re my little sister and my best friend.  We have been through hell and back. We have fought, wrestled; I’ve even kicked you in the stomach. We’ve laughed to our stomachs ached and cried till there was nothing left. You are my rock. No matter day or night, mid fight or miles away, I know that if I ever need you- even for something trivial- you would drop anything and everything to be at my side. You have watched me meet boys and fall in love and helped mend the broken hearts they left behind. You were there when Nick and I met, hect you and Mitch are the reason we met. You watched us fall in love and were there to counsel during our very few rough patches. You were one of the first people he told about the ring. You played a huge roll in my proposal story and stood there as he asked me to marry him. I know we both obviously know that we’re each other’s maids of honor…but I honestly can’t imagine having anyone else stand beside me as I say “I do”. So little sister, will you help me plan my wedding? Will you listen to me worry about the flowers? Will you calm me down when I’m freaking out about the colors? Will you plan an awesome bridal shower and an even better bachelorette party? Will you tell me I look fat in a dress? And cry when I find the perfect one? Will you hold my dress when I need to pee? And hold my flowers as I say, “I do”? What I’m trying to say is…

Kay, Will you be my maid of honor? 

I love you!!!” 

Now trying to figure out how to ask my bridesmaid’s wasn’t as easy. I knew exactly who I wanted to ask. However, I really put alot of thought into how I was going to ask them. Probably too much thought, I really stressed over it. See all of my bridesmaid are long distance. Ashleigh is in Pennsylvania, Katie in New Jersey, Jenny in Florida and Amber in Delaware. They’re all over the place. So I couldn’t just take them out to lunch and ask them. Once I came up with multiple different ideas and shot down half of them and then had Kayleigh or my mom shoot down other ideas…I finally nailed down an idea. I knew for a fact that I wanted to send them a box of goodies. With the color swatches that I’m using, dress ideas, other ideas, and something else. Well my wonderful mother, found this adorable book another “how-to” guide to be a bridesmaid. So I ordered those and the rest of the stuff just fell into place. I am REALLY happy with how they came out! haha

(c) Meghan Elizabeth Photography

The little yellow “book” was how I “officially” asked…(found the idea on Pinterest)

(c) Meghan Elizabeth Photography (c) Meghan Elizabeth Photography

(c) Meghan Elizabeth Photography (c) Meghan Elizabeth Photography

Honestly when I saw this idea on Pinterest I knew I had to use it. The song is kinda a little joke between me and Nick. I love it, he hates it. I occasionally sing it to him or when I hear it on the radio I’ll text him the lyrics. So why not incorporate it into the wedding by asking my best friends to be my bridesmaids. So I just took some paper, drew the pictures, made copies and tied them together with twine.

I made sure to tie everything together with twine since that’s a piece of the wedding. The wedding is as I describe it “rustic elegance”. So mix some twine and lace basically.

I added the how to book, the main focal point of the box, along with the “info/idea” pamphlet, that my wonderful mother crafted together because for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to do it and it just made me frustrated.

(c) Meghan Elizabeth Photography

(c) Meghan Elizabeth Photography

As you are all long distance, your role may be slightly different than a typical bridesmaid’s role. You guys are my best friends, cousins and sisters. You have walked beside me through life, through easy days and rough days. Through heart break and happiness. You have watched me fall in love with Nick. I want you to help me plan this wedding, craft DIY pieces for the day, organize things and help relieve some stress. Help the Maid of Honor plan the bridal shower and bachlorette party. But most of all, I want you to be apart of this process! To have fun with me and each other. To build our relationship more and make it stronger. Stand by my side during the ceremony, reception and most importantly my marriage!”

(c) Meghan Elizabeth Photography

I’m loving the look of mismatch dresses! I would love for you to go find a dress that you love. That you’ll wear again. With a price tag that you’re ok spending…in the color family of brown. So we’ll pick a weekend to go shopping! I want you to look beautiful and be confident and happy with what you’re wearing. So we’ll make that happen!”

(c) Meghan Elizabeth Photography

I also included some Pinterest pictures of the kind of look I love with the dresses. That mismatched styled dresses and different shades of brown. Then tied them together again with twine.

(c) Meghan Elizabeth Photography

I grabbed the boxes from Staples, a pack of 5 for like 10 bucks and some of the paper confetti stuff at Michaels. Threw everything into the box and put a little bag of Hugs and Kisses in as a little thank you for saying yes!

So even though I put myself through all this stress and what not. It really worked out. The girls LOVED the boxes! And I was and am very proud of myself…it makes me hopeful for being able to pull together this wedding.


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