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I believe in the everyday, ordinary, heart-skipping, comfy-cozy, "can't wait to see you old and grey" kind of love.
& I believe in capturing that love between you. Exactly how you are. In this moment in life. Engaged. Married. New baby on the way. Whatever!  
So if you're on the hunt for a new friend who can also document your life, then you've come to the right place! 
I can't wait to meet you. 

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Welcome TO The 

Every year Grandma & Grandpa (Dad’s parents) rent a lake house at Fairview Lake in Pennsylvania. They go for two weeks and invite all of us to attend for as much or as little of that as possible. The first year they did it (which was about 12 years ago or so) my family was able […]


My Aunt Laura, Uncle Pete and cousin Katie live in New Jersey about an hour outside of the city. We haven’t been up to visit them at their place in years, so instead of only talking about how we needed to make a trip happen…we actually made a trip happen! It was the first only […]


5 years ago TODAY I started a little Facebook page with the thought, “I wonder if I can make a little extra cash doing something I enjoy while I go back to school & get my masters in teaching.” Little did I know that that idea of earning just a little extra cash doing something […]


If you saw my Instagram post from this morning, you noticed that I was pretty excited about it being the last day of camp. Well my excitement carries some more weight to it. Four years ago I was working in the school system, I had graduated from Salisbury University less than a year earlier. I […]


The hubby and I were discussing our vacation plans for the summer. We dreamed of something tropical, nope too expensive. We then began to dream of a trip to England, yeah way way too expensive. Well Iceland, a lot of people have been traveling there and everyone keeps commenting on how affordable it is, we […]


I'll share the stories I capture, life at with the hubby and our two pitty mixes
& I'll make sure to cheer you on in your comments too
We're in this together!