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Celebrating Five Years in Business!!


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Behind The Scenes 2017

5 years ago TODAY I started a little Facebook page with the thought, “I wonder if I can make a little extra cash doing something I enjoy while I go back to school & get my masters in teaching.” Little did I know that that idea of earning just a little extra cash doing something I liked could so quickly turn into a deep rooted passion and love which led me to dreaming of making this a career!

Now here I am 5 years later, full time in that career – owning my own business that I’ve built from the ground up with absolutely no business knowledge. To say that I am shocked that I’m here would be an understatement. Growing up it was never even a glimmer of a thought that photography would be my career path, let alone owning a business!

Over the past 5 years, I have photographed…
69 weddings! 47 where I was the lead photographer and 22 where I was the second photographer.
– 1 proposal & 2 elopements
– 50 engagement portraits 
– 14 maternity portraits
– 41 newborn portraits
– 29 kiddo portraits
– 57 family portraits
– 14 senior portraits
– 19 special events
– 19 miscellaneous portrait sessions
That’s a total of 246 individual portrait sessions!!! I’ve honestly never done that math until now. I can’t even believe it!
293 times you have trusted me. 293 times you have asked me into your lives. You have asked me to document a piece of your life. A part of your stories. The important parts of your stories.
This career is so much more to me than just a business or just an income and way to help in supporting my family. It’s a way to help you leave a piece of your legacy behind. A way to help you leave an imprint on the world. Thank you. Thank you for asking me to do that for you.
Thank you for allowing me to live out my dreams year after year! I love each and every single one of you in ways you will never know for things you will know about. You have all blessed my life and taught me so much over the past 5 years. Thank you!
This reflection wouldn’t be complete without a big thank you to those who have helped me over the past 5 years and then some! You all know who you are – Mom, Dad, Kay, Ian, Ann, Christine, Sam, Megan, Angel, Elise, Meaghan, all of my family.(sorry if I’m missing someone – if you feel you’ve been missed, know I do know who you are! There’s just so many of you!) But most importantly, Hubby! Thank you Hubby. He works an insanely stressful job with long crazy hours so that our home is paid for. So we have medical insurance, food on the table and shirts on our backs and because of that, I get the opportunity to work in a job I more than love! He pushes me, advises me, helps me and encourages me. He cheers me on and humors my crazy wild dreams and ideas. He’s been here since before I started that little Facebook page and will be here long after retirement, I can’t imagine this life without him, let alone running this business without him.
Here’s to the next 5, 10, 15 plus years of running this business. Documenting families, weddings and anything and everything you ask me to be there for. To seeing how business grows and evolves. I look forward to the next 5 years and can not wait to see where life is at that point!
Thank you all!

Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017 Behind The Scenes 2017Behind The Scenes 2017

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