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Fall Date Night Ideas

It’s the first day of fall!! How absolutely crazy is that?! Where did the summer go? Even though we’re quickly approaching the end of the year, we’ve also entered into my absolute favorite season! The cool crisp temperatures. The changing colors. The crunchy leaves under your booted foot. Pumpkin patches and hot apple cidar. Ah such a fantastic season!! Which means it’s packed full of all my favorite date night ideas. With a brand new little man at home and busy season, I’m not sure how many date night the hubby and I will be adventuring out onto but with a brand new little man at home, we made head out to get him to experience life a little bit! Anyways, I hope you all take the time to go out and adventure and date your spouse! Here are some Fall Date Night ideas to get your wheels turning! Enjoy!!

Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

Take advantage of the sights and views of Western Maryland during the beautiful color changing season and jump on a train and travel through the area. Plus these train rides offer some really fun adventures – murder mystery train and moonshine train – to name a few.


Take advantage of the cooler evenings, grab some blankets and some warm drinks and drive out west. Find a spot and just cuddle up under the skies and enjoy eachother’s company. Here’s a reddit page with some advice of spots that make for great stargazing spots.

Go to a You-Pick Farm and or Pumpkin Patch

I feel like this a pretty much a no-brainer date for fall! There are so many different spots in the area. Larriland Farm, Baugher’s Orchard, Butler’s Orchard – are a few great options!

Haunted House

This was actually something that the hubby and I tried to do on our very first time hanging out when we went out with my sister and her boyfriend. We failed because none of us wanted to wait in the 2 hour line so we ended up at Uno’s for dessert instead. So make sure if you decide to do this, you plan ahead a little bit better than we did. Here’s an awesome site that lists all the different spots in Maryland.

Pumpkin Carving at Home

This is such a quick, easy and cheap date night at home. Grab a pumpkin at the grocery store, grab the fixing to make at home pizza (or order a pizza) and sit out on the porch together and each of you carve up a pumpkin. Make it a competition. The one that looks the best, the most creative. Then enjoy some pizza and beer.

Scary Movie Night

Again, super easy and cheap at home date night! This one could even be combined with the pumpkin carving. Rent a few scary movies, order dinner in, grab some popcorn and movie theatre candy from Target and cuddle up on the couch for a scary movie marathon!

Apple Harvest Festival

This is a family favorite! Its in Pennsylvania about an hour and half away and its only a few weekends in October but it’s a great time! Full of really great fall food options.

Bonfire & S’mores

One of my favorite things on the face of the planet is a bonfire. And no bonfire is complete without s’mores! Of course this date idea ensures that you have the place to build a fire. So you’ll need to make sure to find a safe space to do that. But the crisp cool evenings screams for a fire!

Fall Colored Hike

Patapsco State Park would be perfect for this. Make it an afternoon date day, pack up a lunch and go for a hike along one of the trails. Stop for a picnic along the way and just enjoy the cool temperatures and the beauty that is Maryland in fall. We sometimes forget that Maryland can be beautiful!

Highschool Football Game

Check out Howard County Board Of Ed’s website for the highschool team’s schedules and pick a game. Grab some food from the concession stand and cheer the kids on!

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