Jackson’s Three Month Portraits



So in true new mom fashion (mom whose also in the busiest fall season of her business so far), this blog post is late. Super late. Like we’re closer to his Four Month Portraits than we are to Jackson’s Three Month Portraits. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t share them. He’s just way too cute not to share. Yes, I’m not bashful about saying how cute my son is! I’m slightly obsessed with him.

He’s really come out of his shell and he’s becoming a little person. He’s got quite the personality. He’s incredibly talkative and loves telling you stories about his day. Just ask him and you’ll find out! He’s attached to his nooks (wubbanubs), the hubby and I named them, Jeffery and Spot. He’s finally enjoying tummy time and really lifting his head. He loves laying on his jungle playmat and looking at the animals. But loves even more to lay on his back and play with Mr. Fox who we have dangling from the playmat. He thinks Daddy is the funniest and has the cutest little giggle known to man. He’s blesses us with some serious stretches of sleep and only gets up once at night but he’s definitely an early riser like his Daddy and is up at 5am and ready to party.

We’re loving every day with him and getting to know this little person. It still feels so surreal sometimes and I keep waiting for “his mom” to show up and take him home cause how can I be a mom!? I don’t feel old enough or feel like a mom. But I’m so glad and blessed that I am! So beyond blessed to be his mama. It’s the best most amazing role I’ve ever been asked to be.

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