Jackson’s Two Month Portraits



Jackson's Two Month Portraits

Our little man turned two months on October 3rd and we got his portraits taken a few days after that. This past month has been amazing with him! I’m going to be totally real and honest, the first month was hard. Not because he was a hard baby or because he cried alot. It’s the opposite honestly, he’s such an easy baby. He barely cries and if he does you can meet his needs with one of five things. No, his first month was hard more for selfish reasons.

As well all know, that newborn stage is full of eat, sleep, poop, repeat, all while you’re healing from child birth.  That first month is draining. Completely and totally draining. You love this little being with everything you have but yet they are literately sucking everything you have out of you. And giving nothing back. There’s no relationship there. You’re relationship is solely to help them survive – feed them, change them, put them to sleep. You choose to snuggle them. You choose to talk to them. They don’t snuggle back. They don’t coo back. It’s give give give and take take take. But that’s what we signed up for and while it was tough looking back on it…I treasured every moment.

However, now. Now there’s a relationship growing. He responds to our voices in a more conscious attentive way.  He smiles the biggest smiles and even sometimes gives a little cooing giggle. He sometimes starts conversation now and when we talk to him he talks back. He’s grabbing our fingers with purpose instead of just because it happened to be there. He wants to be where the action is and cries if he can’t see what’s going on. He’s growing every day and while I can’t believe that two months have already gone by this quickly. And I look back at his newborn photos and tear up because of how much he’s grown and changed and I don’t wish time away, I am still so excited to be on this journey with him and to watch him grow up! He’s just the greatest!! 

Jackson's Two Month Portraits Jackson's Two Month Portraits

He absolutely LOVES his wubbanub. It’s actually one of his five cries when he doesn’t have it or it’s just out of reach and he hasn’t mastered getting it back into his mouth but he’s definitely working on it.

Jackson's Two Month Portraits

Jackson's Two Month Portraits Jackson's Two Month Portraits

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