Jackson’s Five Month Portraits



Nothing like waiting til 2 days before he turns six months old to share Jackson’s Five Month Portraits!

He really is the most perfect little man!! He’s calm cool and collected all the time…except when we take just 30 seconds too long to feed him. He’s loving food and trying all the things. He’s worked on mastering sitting on his own this month and we grab EVERYTHING! He loves his dogs and all the commotion of life. We’re finally starting to give momma some nice long naps, which is so appreciated compared to our four month habit of 30 minute cat naps. By far his favorite activities would include raspberries (all day everyday) and bouncing! The bouncing is giving mama some nice toned arms. He’s learned how to turn the page of his board books that we read each night before bed and even more sweeter before laying down in his crib for the night gives big ol open mouth super wet kisses and snuggles!! He melts our hearts more and more every day and we still can’t get enough of him.

Jackson's Five Month Portraits Jackson's Five Month Portraits Jackson's Five Month Portraits

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